Monday, March 28, 2011

Sephora Jumbo Eye Pencil in Pinky Grey (506)

I swatched the Sephora Jumbo Eye Pencil in Pinky Grey when I did a quick post on the Hello Kitty Glittercute Eyeliner in Grape Soda.

I never did get to wear them together. I was initially thinking that I could use Pinky Grey all over the lid but it does crease a good bit when you do that. Instead, I've found that the best way to use it is as an accent liner. I do a tightline with the Laura Mercier Cake Eyeliner in Black Ebony or Gunmetal Smoke and then I line above the lashline with Pinky Grey. I just do a wash of a bone eyeshadow or use the Laura Mercier Eye Basics in Wheat and make Pinky Grey the outstanding color. I finish with a heavy coat of deep black mascara. It's a simple but pretty eye that you can do in a cinch.

I really like the color. It's very metallic and frosted but I've found good use for it. I think it's very flattering with my generally fair skin tone and brown eyes. I do dislike a couple of things about it though. It's a creamy pencil so figuring out the best way to sharpen it proved quite the experiment. I wasted so much product the first time I attempted to sharpen it because I used a Sephora sharpener that was a poor fit (too large) and it kept going through the wood without making the tip anywhere near pointed. All the cream built up in the sharpener and it took me a very long time to clean it off. I didn't even get it all off. I stopped because I had basically sharpened off half the pencil. The next time I tried to sharpen it, I first left it in a cold refrigerator for a few hours. With a nice cold (and therefore more solid) pencil, I used an old Covergirl sharpener that proved to be a better fit. This method seems to work better but it still leaves a lot of the cream on the sharpener which takes an enormous amount of time to clean off (and never comes off completely). I would appreciate an "automatic" version of this pencil that will never need to be sharpened. I'd be willing to pay a couple of extra dollars for that.

The other thing I dislike about this pencil is that while it generally lasts all day, if anything at all touches it, it will transfer. I try to put it only on the area that the fold does not come into contact with. One eye, however, consistently gets a little transference (it's smaller than the other). It's annoying and even if I use primer or any kind of base, it just always happens.

I like the pencil a lot, if not for the two problems I cited above. But they bug me enough that I am not planning to repurchase the product. It brings me a little nostalgia though. They remind me of these chubby pencils that Maybelline sold in the 90s and that my cousin and I used to play around with. I remember having a blue and a pink one. These work on the same exact principle and one that ultimately led the product to be discontinued.

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