Friday, March 4, 2011

Search for Sunshine (conclusion)

I've presented a few of my top contenders in my Search for Sunshine. The search did not yield a perfect match but allowed me to find some new brands/colors to love and also to rediscover shades that I already had in my collection. In this post, I'll lay out the other items I considered and share my thoughts in brief.


I went to the nearest Cosmetics Company Outlet to see if by chance they had some tubes of Sunshine but they didn't. It's hard to walk into that store looking for something specific (especially if it's a new or regular item) since what they carry are mostly out of season, overstock and discontinued items. I thought I might luck out since Sunshine is discontinued but I ended up going home with this Estee Lauder Gloss instead.

From left: Fresh Sugar Baby, Estee Lauder Flamingo

This formula is not moisturizing enough for the long haul despite being quite sticky on the initial application. I wore this and only this for one day. By midday, my lower lip suddenly cracked. Seriously, I looked in the mirror to see what had happened and I had a big gaping cut on my lower lip that resulted from lack of moisture. I haven't touched this gloss since. While it seemed like the most perfect match in the tube, the color sheers out way too much once applied that it no longer looked similar to Sunshine. I am not fond of the applicator style (no doe-foot or brush, it's like Juicy Tubes) or the shape of the tube either.


Chanel Aqualumiere Glosses are now discontinued and this is one of those Limited Edition shades called Bondi Beach. It was released with an Aqualumiere lipstick called Bondi and is a lovely sheer peachy-nude shade that looks awesome on top of most nude lipsticks. If you have the Rouge Coco in Cashmere, this works very nicely with it.

I label my Chanel glosses with the name at the bottom of the tube because all they have is the number. It helps me remember what it's called and helps me to tell them apart even in poor lighting. I like these for their great texture and I have professed my love for this line of glosses in another post. The color is close to Sunshine once on but this has a more nude tone. I swatched it next to Love Nectar at the bottom of that post.


Here is another Limited Edition item, this time from Laura Mercier. Technically, this is not a lip gloss. The company calls it a Lip Shine and it's in a pot rather than a tube.

From left: Crystal Pink, Sunshine

Crystal Pink is still available online from the Laura Mercier website. This is such a close match to Sunshine because of the finish although the actual color is by itself a bit more pink than Sunshine. The pigmentation is also a little heavier. That said, I'm glad to rediscover this pot. I remember how lovely it looks with the Laura Mercier lipstick in Caramel which is a peachy-nude shade. Crystal Pink gives it that oomph and a lovely, shiny pearl finish.

On a side note, I want to mention a previously reviewed item that I picked up at Target on a discount. It looks like the perfect color in the tube but it was very sheer on. In the picture below, I have it next to Sunshine. If you want to see what that product is, here is the link.

Top: L'Oreal Soft Peach, Bottom: Clinique Sunshine


  1. Mylinda,you can still find Sunshine on They have it in a set,but not by itself,still,better than nothing ...I guess... hth

  2. Hey Lynn, I saw that! It was tempting but I was concerned that it was a really old set. The picture looked old, you know? And to spend $25 when all I really want is one color I must want it that much if I devote all this time and energy to find a dupe. And yet... I'm wary of buying online when the merchant does not have a brick and mortar store I can return to if the product turns out bad. Have you ever bought anything from Strawberry?

  3. I hesitated to even mention Strawberry,since it was a set,but you sounded so d-e-s-p-a-r-a-t-e and I wanted help,lol I have never ordered from Strawberry,but know others who have and it was a good experience,just kind of slow shipping.Have you looked at Revlon's new Colorburst for a peach gloss? They are $4.99 right now(last day) at Walgreens..

  4. Hahaha I'm sure I seemed totally desperate the day I went to the Clinique counter and asked them to help me find Sunshine. We were running about the different counters comparing tubes. But I guess I give them enough business that they liked me enough to help me :p I'll have a look at those new glosses. I was looking at the Jessica Alba ads and they make her lips look like vinyl! So shiny!