Thursday, March 31, 2011

Revlon Nail Polish Swatches Grey Suede and Demure

Here are swatches of some Revlon nailpolishes I picked up sometime early this year. I have Grey Suede, which I thought would make a nice neutral for spring. I am aware that this was a big seller for the brand last year. In the shade it can look a little darker and more taupe. With flash, you can see little shimmer bits and a hint of pink.

Revlon Grey Suede

I need to be reminded that Revlon's formula isn't the most fantastic there is. Some colors apply better than others but most, if not all, chip by the next day when I wear them. Grey Suede is somewhere in the middle. It wasn't all bad. It renders decently opaque in two coats. This color, in particular, makes a lovely, conservative neutral that you can wear to the office.

I like this color enough to say this is probably one of the better ones that Revlon's come out with. I think they could improve the lasting power a little bit and maybe provide a better brush applicator. All said, it's an inexpensive polish (and you can always find coupons) that you won't regret buying even on impulse.

I also have a couple of bargain polishes that came with the Fire & Ice collection (limited edition, now on clearance). I picked up Temptress, a cool-toned candy pink that I'm not too hot about and Demure, which I'm wearing in the picture below.

Revlon Demure

I was swatching some Chanel polishes at the store yesterday and somehow, Demure reminded me of Chanel's Miami Peach. I was having issues with the sheerness of Miami Peach so I tried doing a coat of Chanel's Orange Fizz under it and if my memory serves me right, Revlon's Demure is definitely in the same color family. But even at its most expensive, Revlon would cost you a tiny fraction of what you would pay for Chanel. It won't give you the stellar application of Orange Fizz but it's workable.


  1. I love both shades on you. These are soft, semi neutral colors that are definitely office safe. Thanks so much for sharing the swatches. I'll have to run out to the local Walgreens/CVS to see if they have them in stock.

  2. You're welcome! I hope they won't be too hard to find. :)