Tuesday, March 22, 2011

L'Oreal attempts to find me a match

I was trying to see if I could come up with my Spring/Summer Essentials List using only drugstore brand products. I thought the first step was to find a really good drugstore brand foundation. I had come across L'Oreal's True Match shade selector in a magazine. I played with it all day on the day I found it. I put it against my inner wrist like the instructions tell you to do and it was telling me that the lightest neutral shade was my perfect match. I went a step further and tried my darndest to swatch it against my jawline and it was telling me to go warm, but still with the lightest shade. The big question is, will it yield the right results? I won't really know until I actually test any of the True Match Super-Blendable Makeup! So I went shopping.

L'Oreal TrueMatch Shade Selector

Swatching them in the store, I was convinced that the lightest shade was clearly not for me. I was swatching the colors on my arm and my hand, which of course aren't the same color as my face but I'm no foundation newbie. I think I have a pretty good idea what the closest colors will be. While completely unsure, I picked up 3 shades. I figured, if I like the formula that much, I can mix up my perfect shade.

I was trying to err on the side of caution and tried N3 first. Waaaaaaay too dark. So I tried W2 and I thought I was coming close but I felt it was a tad too light. This left me with N2 which while blendable, is actually too pink for comfort.  Ok, first, the shade selector is completely wrong because I'm definitely more a W2-N2 rather than the lightest shade. Second, I don't know where they're coming from naming the neutral shades because they definitely look more pink than neutral.

If I could digress from color for a bit, I actually found this foundation very heavy on. I could feel a thick layer on top of my face. It's true how blendable they are. You could buff it into an acceptable shade for your face, as long as you come close, and the coverage is really good. But I cannot get over how heavy it feels. This was definitely not a spring/summer foundation. So I kind of gave up right there.

In another magazine, I found some samples of the Magic Smooth Souffle makeup and thought I'd swatch those for you. I think the lightest shade in the sample suffers from the same pinkness that True Match N2 does. But I have to give them props for shade consistency. N2 is Classic Ivory and the 512 Classic Ivory in the Magic Smooth Souffle foundation looks exactly the same. I'm not fond of the feel of the Magic Smooth Souffle foundations though. It's like a slimy mousse. I think I'd rather stick it out with True Match than try the Souffle line. I did, however, try out Maybelline's FitMe range but that's a whole other experience.

Swatches from left: 512 Classic Ivory, 516 Nude Beige, 530 Sun Beige

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