Saturday, March 19, 2011

Les Regards de Chanel - Les Bruns

I thought I'd do a little flashback today and feature a palette I've had for a year. I remember frantically searching online for any information on this palette before I bought it and there was very little I could find. I even tried writing to a popular blog to ask about it but my email was promptly ignored. The dearth of information kind of made me decide that maybe I needed to write my own blog. But thinking to actually doing took a few months. Either way, since I noticed that still sells this palette, I thought it might be useful to post something about it now. Different users have different opinions. Here's mine.

Les Regards de Chanel - Les Bruns

I try my best to take pictures when the products are just out of the box. Unfortunately, I bought this long before I started blogging so I only have pictures of the used product. But hey, at least you know I've actually used it :)

The initial appeal to me, was the seeming versatility of an all brown palette that would have not only your eyeshadows but your liner and brow colors. I thought that this would be very handy on trips or when I'm in a rush. It's not an inexpensive palette ($70) so you would hope that the cost per use adds up nicely.

As labelled, you get two eyeshadows, one eyeliner and one eyelighter, then two brow shades. Chanel has come out with some very nice eyeshadows lately. These seem to be of an older formulation that's a little more powdery. The pigmentation is decent but the quality just falls a bit short. I find that they don't apply as evenly as the newer eyeshadows. They provide an eyeliner shade which I've used wet and dry. As an eyeliner, I'd say use it wet. But it is essentially just another eyeshadow shade. As for the eyelighter, it's sheer and sparkly. It does the job of a highlighter. I'll leave it at that.

Brow Colors

Ah, the brows. I'd like to think that it's not difficult to find me brow colors. I have brown hair. This is a palette of browns. Amazingly, they provide two brow colors. But these are in no way universal colors. One side is much too reddish for me and the other side, believe it or not, is too dark on. It's truly sad because I really cannot use these at all for my brows. For reference, my regular brow pencil is Anastasia's Brow Wiz in Medium Ash and I also use the Brow Powder Duo in Ash Blonde. The key here is ash. These are missing the grey tones that make brow powder less harsh-looking on me.

Swatches from left: Eyeliner, 2 eyeshadows, Eyelighter, 2 brow shades

So in the end, you get six eyeshadows. I find that I mostly use only three shades. I pick one eyeshadow color or I use both and line with the eyeliner shade. The eyeliner shade is my favorite. I also use it dry as a contour color. On a rare occasion, I use the eyelighter but I hardly ever touch the brow shades.

I go back to this palette every once in awhile but I keep wishing that the brow powders worked out. If I didn't have other brown palettes, maybe I would appreciate it more. But it just fell short of my expectations. If I could suggest other brown/nude palettes that are similar to this, one of my favorites is an old Bobbi Brown palette that I snagged at a Cosmetics Company Outlet (it's called the Nude on Nude Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow Palette) and then there's Guerlain's Rue De Passy which I talk about over and over. The colors are similar but Bobbi Brown and Guerlain have much better quality and combinations.

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