Friday, March 11, 2011

Laura Mercier "Tightline Trio" Cake Eyeliner Palette

Laura Mercier makes the absolute best cake eyeliner... ever. They made three, and only three colors, for years. So imagine the squeal of delight that I made upon seeing more colors out. I have every intention of buying all the colors that this comes in and while I could wait awhile before I get them all, I could not resist a tiny trio packaged with a little brush. I couldn't even wait for triple points. I had to have it. Now.

Laura Mercier "Tightline Trio" Cake Eyeliner Palette ($39.50)

I ordered it the minute I saw it on I was told that these items would be in stores in time for the Trend Show in April. My store didn't have it yet although they did have the single pan cake eyeliners in the new colors (more on that later).

Why do I love these eyeliners so much? They apply really nicely, last all day and literally will not move until you take them off. I've used up a whole pan of the Ebony liner. Considering that I use many other eyeliners intermittently, that's a feat. A regular pan is 0.05 oz. and this trio has three different colors weighing in at .033 oz. each. That's roughly equivalent to 2 regular-sized pans which would run you $44. I think it's a good value because you not only get 3 colors. You also get the brush. I would so take this with me on vacation so that when I feel the need to switch it up, the colors are there. It won't fit in the Laura Mercier customizable palette but that's not a big deal. More room for eyeshadow, I say!

Colors in pan from left: Gunmetal Smoke, Turquoise Ink, Bleu Marine

Now the colors. You get Bleu Marine, one of the original 3 colors of this eyeliner. It's the makes your whites look whiter kind of blue-black eyeliner. It may look really blue in the pan but it applies much darker than it appears. Then you get a couple of exclusive shades. There's the pretty Turquoise Ink which is well, turquoise, with a hint of sparkle. The sparkle is barely visible in the pan and on the swatch. It won't be visible at all on the eye. This is no glitter eyeliner.

Swatches from left: Bleu Marine, Turquoise Ink, Gunmetal Smoke

If you're not feeling like a bright color, there's also the versatile Gunmetal Smoke which is a lovely dark grey, charcoal really. It's not a flat black like Ebony and it does have that microshimmer. But again, the shimmer is not apparent once on. This isn't a bad thing. I highly doubt that you need glittery charcoal eyeliner. I think this looks nicer than the new Charcoal Grey that they sell in the single pans. This is darker. If you're tightlining, I think you would prefer a darker color anyway. It gives your lashes instant fullness. I see myself finishing this color up in good time. I'm going to order a back up palette in case that happens sooner than later.

How to use. It's probably better to get instruction straight from a Laura Mercier artist or sales associate. But the trio does come with this little slip that tells you exactly what to do. It's simple but it takes practice. Once you have the technique down, it becomes as easy as a pencil, only better-looking. If you get it just on the lashline, you won't even look like you're wearing eyeliner but your eyes look more defined. I think that effect is great, whether or not your eyes are deepset.

This picture is clickable (so you can read the text better)

I'm glad that they tell you to use water here. They have a new "tightline activator" which is liquid that you use with the cake eyeliner. I advise against it. Once you start with the activator, you can't switch back to water. It ruins the eyeliner in the pan. The activator renders a darker line but it also becomes harder to remove. Get it on your contacts and you might as well chuck them and get a new pair because you may not be able to get it off. Used with water, my clumsy hands have lined a contact lens or two in the past but it was nothing a few drops of solution and some light rubbing couldn't get off. Bobbi Brown's gel eyeliners were tougher to remove.

Anyway, if you're looking to try this eyeliner, I think this trio is a great starter set. For less than the price of one single pan of the eyeliner and the brush, you get three colors to play around with and a travel-friendly brush. Some may argue that $40 is too much to pay for eyeliner but you're going to use this everyday and it will last you a few years! Your pencil will run out so much faster. Honestly, this looks so much better. Unless you always do your makeup on the fly (like in the car when you get to your office parking lot), you deserve to try this tightlining technique.

It's only available at Nordstrom but if you don't have a store near you, you can always order it online. If I could change anything, I would leave a slot in the palette for the brush. It's a suggestion, in case anyone from the brand is listening. But I LOVE it!

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