Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fresh Rose FreshFace Primer

I was able to get a few sample packets of the Fresh Rose FreshFace Primer so I thought I'd give it a try. One packet has a generous amount in it and I got another small tub at my local Sephora so I was able to use the product for over a week with more left over.

First off, I love the fragrance. It's one of the few full face products that I don't mind smelling over and over. It doesn't really linger though. The rose scent is apparent when you open it and apply and then goes away.

The texture is very smooth and it's wonderful to apply all over the face. It's a milky white gel that absorbs quickly and leaves me with a rather nice dewy complexion. All set for makeup! Now comes the bad part. As a primer, this does not make my makeup last at all. As a matter of fact, I think it makes the makeup slide off even faster with this on. I tried it sparingly, generously and just right. I tried it with tinted moisturizer and different foundations. The result was always the same. Within 2 hours, I've got a complete oil slick. I don't even have oily skin!

As far as primers go, this one is absolutely useless. I think it's picky with who you pair it with. The only time that I didn't really oil up in 2 hours was when I used it with a lighter gel moisturizer, skipped the sunscreen and used a very light foundation with SPF and then topped it with a mattifying powder. I think that the weather that day helped too. This definitely won't stand in humid weather. I didn't have any issues with the formula though. No breakouts or allergic reactions. I even think it works nicely as a moisturizer, to give you a kind of fresh-faced glowing look sans makeup. But once you put on liquid or even powder foundation, it melts off in a couple of hours.

Since I was working with sample packets, I noticed that once it's out of the package, it dries up. I usually open a packet and pour the contents out into a small jar. I take what I need and close the jar tightly so that I can use up everything. With this though, after a few days, the product dries up so that I couldn't actually use up the entire packet. I went into Sephora to get another small tub to sample, just because I wanted to be sure that I used it enough to really see how good or bad it was. I had enough to use it for over a week and I still have a couple of uses left over. My concern with a full-size tube is that I have no clue as to whether it keeps the product fresh longer or not. Once air gets in there, it's in there and there's no getting it out. For now I'd say I've used it enough to conclude that I will not be buying myself the full-size tube.

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