Wednesday, March 16, 2011

DiorShow Extase Mascara

I started using this mascara right around the same time as the Shiseido Perfect Mascara and I was alternating the two. From the get go I found the DiorShow Extase formula to be more impressive. The pigment is intensely black and applies more smoothly.

I do find the oddly-shaped brush to be challenging to use. I understand that it's a nod to the tiered couture gowns and I gather that it's supposed to produce that same tiered effect on your lashes. As the shape of the brush may suggest, some lashes get longer and others stay shorter. Applying from the base of the lashes, up and outward, I find it difficult to achieve this effect. It definitely gathers up more mascara than I'd like to and the result on my lashes is a bit of a mess.

I don't have very long or very thick lashes so I'd like a mascara to deliver on both departments. This promises some intense volume. The formula also supposedly contains ingredients that are good for your lashes. I honestly can't tell if my lashes grew stronger but at least this mascara is not a pain to remove so I know I'm not damaging my lashes trying to get it off. If I don't use their special brush, and instead I use my MAC 205 fan brush, it doesn't clump at all. It applies very finely with the fan brush and I like how the color is very dark. That combination makes my lashes look naturally longer, thicker and darker. I say natural because the lash is coated so evenly. It looks thicker at the base and thinner at the tips and you don't see little dark patches here and there where they don't belong. I'd say the effect is very nice and the formula is stellar. It lasts the whole day without smudging or giving me raccoon eyes. It does not irritate my eyes at all.

I've tried about 3 or 4 Dior mascaras and there is something to be said about how good they all are. But the brushes break it for me. None of their brushes are easy for me to use, Extase being no exception. I think they have the formula down but it's not the ultimate best one out there. To spend this much on mascara, I have to love every bit of it, the formula down to the brush. Obviously, I'm not wildly impressed.

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