Thursday, March 10, 2011

Chanel Rouge Coco in Jersey Rose

Maybe I just wasn't ready for it. Maybe I wasn't ready to wear a color that screams loudly that it's spring, because it's not. But my initial impression of Jersey Rose when I got it, was that it was so bright. I layered it on, like I do with most lipsticks. Then I took some test shots and was surprised that my lips looked almost neon!

Chanel Rouge Coco in Jersey Rose

I chose carefully between Jersey Rose and Peregrina, both released under the Chanel Spring 2011 makeup collection. I felt it safer to go with the more pink of the two because I love pink lipstick and I had already invested in a few peachier Rouge Coco lipsticks like Cashmere and Chintz. Jersey Rose appears very similar to Chintz. Chintz is warmer and lighter though.

As the days slipped into the 40s with some bright sunshine, I experimented with Jersey Rose again. It's the antithesis of my nude and brownish maroon lipsticks that make me complain that they do nothing to brighten up my face (remember Burberry Rosewood or Guerlain's Gilian?). For that is certainly what this color does, brighten up your entire look. If I apply it sheerly, I wouldn't get the neon effect. It's one of those colors that I think I should apply with a lip brush so it won't get too pigmented although most Rouge Coco lipsticks seem better applied straight from the tube.

Chanel Rouge Coco in Jersey Rose

For me, this is the bright shade that I guess I don't have after all. If anything, it reminds me a little of the Chanel Rouge Allure in Confidentielle because on me, it's just very pink. I know the swatch makes it appear rosy but it's very difficult to photograph. It insists on photographing that way even if it's much brighter and more pink on. It's not quite Camelia which is actually rosier and has a different finish, a far cry from the dark fuschia effect of Legende and certainly not Mademoiselle, which actually turns rather orange me. I find that it often ends up matching my cheek color so I need to make sure to tone down the blush, possibly use nothing at all, or maybe just pop on some bronzer. It's really not a must-have. I make it work because I don't want to return it but I think there are much prettier pinks in the regular Rouge Coco line. Or you could wait for Rouge Coco Shine. One more month.

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