Friday, February 11, 2011

Shiseido Perfect Mascara/MAC 205 Pro Mascara Fan Brush

It seems only fair to try out Shiseido's mascara when I've fallen in love with their mascara base. I did get a sample of their Perfect Mascara in Black.

Shiseido The Makeup Perfect Mascara in Black

When you name something Perfect Mascara, I think you need to make sure you live up to that name. So I had high hopes for this. 

I use mascara three ways. Anything that looks good on all three ways gets high marks. The first way I apply it is alone, sans primer/base, and using the wand included with the product. This fails miserably on that test. The brush looks like it's a decent size. It's not too big (which is my problem with most brushes) and it's not hard to use. BUT how horribly does this clump? Very badly. The formula is thick and adheres to lashes in gobs. You could try to clean the brush before each use so you get less on it. I've found that it really helps. But you still need to apply with great care to avoid the clumps.

The second way I use it is with the mascara base. Since I now use Shiseido's Nourishing Mascara Base which I reviewed yesterday, this can only be the 'perfect' complement. It's better when I put the base on but I need to make sure to swipe it only a couple of times on each area or again, it will clump. And while it's wonderfully volumizing, it doesn't do much for length, which I also need.

The third way I apply mascara is with the use of a MAC 205, which is a mascara fan brush. Only the worst of the worst can fail the fan brush test. Ones that are heavy in pigment and very thick tend to look better when applied with this fan brush. Runny mascaras and dry ones fail miserably. (If it's dry, toss it.) Shiseido's Perfect Mascara looks quite nice when applied with the fan brush. It's not the most stellar I've seen but it looks ok. The finish is more natural because I can better control how much product is getting on the lashes with each coat. However, it doesn't coat the lash as evenly as I'd like. 

MAC 205 Pro Mascara Fan Brush ($17.50)

All in all, Shiseido's Perfect Mascara is a fair mascara. Nice for volume, not so much for length. The lasting power is nothing phenomenal and the price, at $23, while not cheap, is not the most expensive you could buy. Given that, I've met drugstore mascaras that have performed similarly for a third of the price or less so I'm not convinced that this is worth the splurge. I still think it's a rather average mascara on a slightly higher price point.


  1. Hi. I've been looking for this MAC brush everywhere. Do you know where it can be found? Maybe it was discontinued? :(
    thank you

  2. Hi there. I purchased this brush at a MAC Pro store at the South Coast Plaza Mall in CA. I'm from PA, where we have no MAC Pro stores but if there is one in your state, try there. If you have a MAC Pro membership, you can get it online, otherwise, you can try calling their customer service number and see if they will let you order one. I've also heard of people grabbing this brush at a CCO but mine does not have it. Hope that helps.

  3. I just realized that you may not be in the US, so I would say try to find a MAC Pro store. This is a MAC Pro item. I do not believe that it has been discontinued.

  4. Hi Mylinda
    Yes, it helps. I'm in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and there are no MAC Pro stores here that I know of. But I can ask a friend living in New Jersey, maybe she can find one and send it to me.
    Thank you very much