Saturday, February 5, 2011

Revlon ColorStay Eyeliner in Black

Revlon's ColorStay Eyeliner in Black is your basic, everyday black eyeliner in an automatic pencil. While it does not claim to be waterproof, I think it's a very good and very affordable pencil liner that is easy to use and lasts all day.

Revlon ColorStay Eyeliner in Black

I tend to use Black eyeliner the most but strangely, I looked at my collection to compare blackness and I only found 3 other pencils in Black. I guess it's because I tend to use cake eyeliner the most for tightlining and I like liquid liners for creating thick solid lines or winged out looks. Pencil eyeliners are things I reach for when I'm in a hurry or if I want the option to smudge the line.

Swatches from left: Revlon ColorStay in Black, Urban Decay 24/7 Pencil in Zero,
Stila Kajal Liner in Onyx and Revlon Luxurious Color in Black Velvet 

I'm actually really satisfied with this eyeliner. I think it rivals Chanel's Le Stylo Waterproof although I think the formula is ever so slightly creamier. That could be the reason why the tip hasn't broken on me yet and it seems easier to sharpen too. The key to the type of sharpener this has, is to turn the sharpener and not the pencil. And you don't need to have so much product out. Just enough to sharpen.

I don't know how long you expect eyeliner to last on you but a full day's use without touchups is worthy of the ColorStay name in my opinion. Say 8 hours max, that's good enough for me. Although most ColorStay products claim 12 hours, I'm not fazed if this doesn't make the stretch. I also don't do the waterline so I can't attest to how long it will last on there. I do the top and bottom lashline. Sometimes I smudge, sometimes I don't. Either way works with Revlon's eyeliner. It's relatively easy to smudge but once it's set, it stays put. I got mine with an eyeshadow quad so it was a really good deal but if all you need is an everyday eyeliner, I think that this is worth the purchase even by itself.

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