Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Laura Mercier Face Polish

The Laura Mercier Face Polish is a cream-based facial scrub. Tiny beads help exfoliate the skin while cleansing it. But since it's all held together by a cream, it's subtly moisturizing. It doesn't lather or produce a foam. It has a mild scent that doesn't linger and it's just overall, a nice way to get rid of dead skin cells laying on top of your skin so that fresher skin can shine through.

Laura Mercier Face Polish Sample Size Tubes

It comes in a tube similar to the samples I have pictured above. The full-sized tube (3.4 oz) is $30. For a facial scrub, I know it's not cheap. There are department store brand face scrubs that are a little less expensive. I do like that this doesn't come with super abrasive grains and it's not saturated with lather-producing ingredients that tend to dry my skin. However, I do sometimes feel that its cleansing properties are a little lacking. So much so that I often end up using another mild cleanser after using it. If only for that, and the fact that I never seem to run out of samples of it (Laura Mercier makes some of my favorite makeup) I don't feel compelled to buy it in full-size.

That said, I think this Face Polish is one of the mildest yet effective scrubs you can find. I appreciate the two qualities that set it apart from other scrubs I've tried, that it's not too rough on your face and that it isn't drying. You could even use it on other parts of the body that need exfoliation. I imagine you'll run out of product a lot faster but if you like it, that's the way to go.

Here's a tip to make sure you get every last drop. When you've reached that stage where you can no longer squeeze much out of the tube, snip it half.

Tube cut in half

I clean out the top half and use it as a lid for the lower half. Whenever you need to use it, you open it and scoop out the product with your fingers or a spatula and replace the lid.

Product Remaining in Tube

Closed Tube

You get pretty much every last bit. This is probably why I never run out of samples. And you can use the same technique with any product that comes in a tube to get your money's worth. Have fun scrubbing!

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