Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Urban Decay Naked Palette

I have owned this palette since August 2010 and while I don't normally let such popular items sit unreviewed for that long, I could not bring myself to write the review! Upon first use, I really hated this palette. My initial experience was nothing short of complete dismay. It was all the glittery fallout that did it. After which, I shoved the palette into the back of my eye makeup drawer, never to be used again.

But let's tell it as it is. This is a great value. This is a good deal if you calculate it based on the variety of products in the set and quantity of actual product that you get. There are 12 eyeshadow shades, each of which are the same size as Urban Decay's regular eyeshadows that retail for $17. Even if you only liked 3 shades, it still comes out cheaper to get this than to buy the singles.

Urban Decay Naked Palette with Double-ended Eyeliner and Primer Potion ($44)

If you factor in the double-ended eye pencil and the Primer Potion, you've just seriously scored. The pencil is fabulous. I'm such a fan of these 24/7 Glide On Pencils and black and brown are such practical colors.

Back of the box detailing all the colors

Now that we've exhausted how good a value this is, let's concentrate on the palette itself. This review is going to be for the eyeshadows alone. The color selection is very nice. You could come up with so many ways to wear these colors, one at a time or 4 at a time, it's up to you. I appreciate the selection because I'm big on the neutral eye. Brown is the must-have shade. And on this palette, you basically get brown from end to end on the color spectrum. As for the finish, you get matte, you get varying degrees of shimmer and then glitter. Every possible occasion is covered. The pigmentation is superior. You need very little product to get the color to pop and it's really just a wonderful variety of shades that you could use everyday. But here's what I've learned from using it. STAY AWAY FROM THE GLITTER. There are four shades in particular that kill this palette. They are: Sidecar, Dark Horse, Creep and Gunmetal. I think the worst offender is Sidecar and that's the shade that did me in the very first time I used it. The fallout was incredibly bad and I could not get the glitter off my face. I ended up leaving the house with those sparkles all over me and stopping by a Nordstrom beauty counter to see if someone could help me get them off without removing all of my makeup. (She tried but I still had sparkles when I left).

That said, you still have 8 shades to work with and they really are a pleasure to use. Once I had gotten over the glitter disaster and determined which shades would do it, I was actually quite pleased with this palette. I think it's a little large to take on trips and stuff gets on that velvet cover but if I keep it in my eye makeup drawer and just bring it out when I'm going to use it, it's not so bad. I'm not big on shimmery colors but I do understand how nice they can look if used properly. You also probably won't want to use all matte shades at the same time. So if you mix and match, you'll probably find a favorite combination or two that can make this palette work for you. I use different primers and they never creased on me. It's rare that I'll skip the primer but I think that these are even pigmented enough to go without.

While I imagine that you have seen every conceivable swatch of the Urban Decay Naked Palette, here they are again. I did them four colors at a time and present them to you 4 colors at a time in the pan and then the swatches of the same four colors.

The Naked Palette is especially great if you've never tried any Urban Decay products before. It's such an excellent value for a whole slew of products. But if you have sensitive eyes and you are especially prone to eye infections, I would just skip it. If there's any chance at all that you could get glitter in your eye and it's going to be a problem, this is not for you. I know I had some irritation issues the first time I used it but with careful application (a general patting motion as opposed to sweeping) and avoiding all the glittery shades, I've been able to avoid the problem.

Personally, I don't think that this palette is worth the hype. I find that while I've discovered some lovely things I can do with it, I simply don't reach for it. Maybe the colors overwhelm me. Or it could be that these are not the colors I would really like to use. I have several other palettes in the same vein (nudes/neutrals/browns and beiges) and none of them offer the variety that this one does. And yet, this is still not one of my favorite palettes. 

Urban Decay Naked Palette

Post update 2/21/11: I have recently discovered that this palette is now being sold at $48 and the double-ended eye pencil has been replaced with an eyeshadow brush. Not every palette is coming out pristine (pans pop out or are lopsided, fingerprints on some) and it looks like the company is still rushing to meet the demand. While still an excellent value for an eyeshadow palette at $48, there is simply no reason to pay more for it. You could also check out other UD palettes. This palette is not the end all and be all of palettes. You may even find something that you like better.

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