Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Solar Oil

It seems so fundamental, I imagine I could just grab a bottle of Johnson's baby oil and apply it on my cuticles. This is what went through my head when I went into Ulta to have a look at Creative Nail Design's Solar Oil and saw that it was in the vicinity of $10. Of course, I had a coupon and that helps. And this bottle would be more convenient to apply since it's in a small bottle with a brush. Ok fine, I'll get it.

Creative Nail Design Solar Oil - 0.5 fl oz (15ml) $10.99

Honestly, it was a decision I didn't regret. I suppose I don't moisturize my cuticles so much that I'd go through the bottle quickly. I think I've had this one bottle for a year or so now and what you see that's gone is all I've ever used. That's not even half the bottle. It's the biggest container of it that they sell and as with almost everything, the bigger bottle is cheaper by the ounce.

Solar Oil is a blend of oils and some Vitamin E. It has a light scent, much like licorice. I don't think its Jojoba although that's one of the oils that it has. But the scent is fairly mild and goes way in a few minutes. The bottle is designed much like a regular nail polish. You open it, brush it on to your cuticles and you're done. Less mess than if I'd attempted to douse my fingers in baby oil and no cotton residue since I'm not applying it with a cotton ball or pad. Granted you could use a Q-tip dipped in baby oil, or get cotton pads that don't leave residual fibers (I have a few suggestions if anyone is actually interested), Solar Oil's packaging still makes it a whole lot easier to get the job done.

I read somewhere that a professional nail technician applies this on cuticles before running a remover pad over nails and it removes dark polish in a cinch. This was something that someone observed backstage during a fashion show. I admit, it got me to buy it. I don't know if it really helps in polish removal but I guess it helps to not get dark polish all over your cuticles as you remove it.

It is oil, after all, so I can't complain about its moisturizing properties. It does the job well. I try to rub it into the cuticles if I'm not wearing polish. If I am, I just brush it and let it absorb for a few minutes. I was once bored and attempted to read a magazine with my oily fingers and learned the stupid way that if you touch ink with oily hands, you will get ink all over yourself and proceed to rub off all the letters on the printed page. Next time, I will be more patient and wait. Or I could try to find something else to use. For now, I'd say while I like this product a lot, I think I'll save it for the toes instead.

Just a note, about the packaging. I think that CND may have a new bottle for this product. It's essentially the same thing but the lettering in the front may be a little different. CND products sometimes also come in a box. If you're looking to buy, just check to see that it says Solar Oil in the front and I'm sure you're getting pretty much the exact same thing.

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