Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sephora Collection Stimulating Lavender Cuticle Oil Pen

While I originally balked at Solar Oil's $10 price tag, I later found myself not thinking too much about the price when I picked up Sephora's Lavender Cuticle Oil Pen. The 20% coupon sure helped. But still, $12 for a mere 0.05 oz. seems a bit much when I can get 10 times more product for a little less.

Sephora Stimulating Lavender Cuticle Oil Pen ($12)

It's packaged in a very convenient pen-style applicator. You twist, the liquid comes out and you brush it on to your thirsty cuticles. It comes in 3 variants, the original one, eucalyptus and lavender, which I got. I'm on the fence about the lavender smell. I guess it's nice but I wonder if I would have liked eucalyptus better or if the original one had any scent at all. I actually think a scent-free one would have worked out better for me in the end.

Pen-Style Applicator Brush

This is probably the least messy of the three cuticle care products I've talked about. The oil is kind of creamy. Less greasy than Solar Oil and easier to work with than Solar Balm. The pen doesn't leak so it's nice for travel and for stashing in your purse. I actually keep mine on my bedside, for easy access at bedtime.

Cuticle Oil on Brush

If I had any other complaint apart from the price, it's a complaint for pretty much every pen-style brush applicator. Waiting for the liquid to come out, then realizing that you twisted the thing too much and you got a lot more liquid than you needed. To be fair, this one isn't bad. Maybe I've learned to resist the urge twist and twist. Maybe I've just learned to wait. After you've been using it, two to three clicks is sufficient to cover each hand. You can always get more if you didn't get enough.

Overall, I like this pen the best, if only because it's the most convenient to apply. I don't think it's as moiturizing as Solar Oil but it does a good job. I also can't really comment on the claims that it stimulates nail growth. That wasn't my point for buying it. For now, I want to see how long it actually lasts before I decide whether I want to repurchase or not. If I did, I may try the original one first. And I'm definitely waiting for a sale or a coupon. (See my article on buying makeup online before you get one.)

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