Friday, January 28, 2011

Sephora Collection Nail Polish Corrector Pen

I used to have real trouble getting the perfect manicure. I suppose it took me awhile to get the technique down. But while practice makes perfect, the right tools certainly help. After I'd tried some kind of glorified Q-tip called Nail Tees (basically a cotton swab with a pointed tip) and then cotton wrapped around a pointy stick (too troublesome for me), I knew I needed to get something that would make my life easier.

Sephora Collection Nail Polish Corrector Pen ($6)

Sephora's Nail Polish Corrector Pen proved to be the answer I was looking for. It's totally handy pen style applicator is easy to use and makes removing small mistakes quick and fuss-free. The tip will gather up color in time and you probably don't want to use it to remove very large areas of polish. But if you work while the polish is wet, you can easily erase those little strips of color that go over the line. I tend to wipe the tip down on a tissue after each swipe, to keep the tip from staining. I think it's worked pretty well.

Pen Tip

I also run the pen down the entire nail area right before I apply nail polish. The theory is that polish will adhere better if the surface is completely clean and oil-free. I think that system has actually helped my nail color last so much longer.

I've had my pen for a year now and it's still useable. While you could probably just dip the tip into some polish remover and keep using one pen forever, I opted to get a back up pen anyway. So I have one pen that I dedicate to nude polishes only and one pen that I can mess with no matter how dark or bright my nail polish color is. I think that price-wise it's not a bad option though. If it ever dried up on me, I will likely just purchase another one. It's six bucks. You can't go wrong.

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