Thursday, January 13, 2011

Revlon Beyond Natural Cream To Powder Eye Shadow Quad in Peach

I'd been picking up a number of Revlon products lately. Not so much because I was in search of something but I kept coming across these items on clearance. A few weeks ago, I was able to get the Beyond Natural Cream to Powder Eye Shadow Quad in Peach.

Revlon Beyond Natural Cream to Powder Eye Shadow 510 Peach

The four colors in the quad constitute a lovely combo for creating a neutral eye. You have a brown shade, a couple of beige shades and a peach shade. I use these colors a lot so I don't mind having them in different brands and formulations. You'll see a little sparkle if you stare at the colors in the pan but once on, it's not sparkly at all. I think it just creates a nice sheen.

Revlon Beyond Natural Cream to Powder Eye Shadow - 510 Peach

Swatched as they appear in the pan

I made sure to have a couple of pictures of the swatches so you can really see the colors. The two beige shades are not too clear, but they're beige. While not an exact match to my skin, it's not a surprise if they're barely there when applied. As for texture, these are smooth but it is definitely all cream and not cream to powder as it claims. You can even use your fingers to apply them (which is nice because it does not come with an applicator). And while I've heard complaints that this creases really badly, I honestly did not ever have that problem. It's winter and maybe the cold weather has something to do with it but honestly, I've used these multiple times and they never creased on me, even when I didn't use a primer.

Mostly, I use this as a base for the Revlon powder eyeshadow quad called In The Buff which is a collection of neutral shades that barely shows up when applied. When I use the two quads together, I use the colors from this Peach quad as the base (applied with a cream shadow brush or fingers) and then apply the powder colors from In The Buff on top. I love the way it looks for everyday. The cream shadows help the powder shadows show their true colors and it enhances the staying power. This is what In The Buff looks like when applied on top of the cream Peach quad.

Powder Shadow applied over Cream Shadow

I know the colors still seem light but using the cream shadow quad made me appreciate In The Buff and I use it so much more now. It's such a neutral selection of shades that it's virtually mistake-proof to apply. I started using the Peach cream shadow quad completely prepared to dislike it. But so far, I haven't had any problems at all. What's even better is that I got this at half off at Target. Maybe it's another item that's being phased out. It's worth having if you need a nice eyeshadow base with neutral colors. I do not recommend using it by itself. I think it really does need the powder on top to set it. Once you've figured out how to position the different colors on your lid, you'll find it really works for an everyday neutral eye.

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