Tuesday, January 18, 2011

L'Occitane Fabulous Serum

Being in the thick of winter, I was looking to layer on the moisture by regularly using a moisturizing serum with a face cream. I've been happy with L'Occitane's shea butter products so I thought I'd give the facial care items a try. I got the Fabulous Serum.

L'Occitane Fabulous Serum ($39)

Much has been said about Shea Butter and its many wonders but I've never actually used any Shea Butter products on my face. My hands and body, yes, and while not a miracle product, I sense its lovely moisturizing properties in the hand cream and body creams. This serum depends on shea butter for its beneficial qualities but it comes in a lighter base. The product comes in a bottle with a pump and comes out a runny liquid, like all serums do.

The first thing I noticed with the L'Occitane Fabulous Serum is the smell. It's that strong Shea Butter smell that all their shea butter products have. It's not completely overpowering and it dissipates but it's there.

The fluid, as I've previously described is runny, which makes it a lot easier for the skin to absorb. It does spread quite easily and is very moisturizing compared to a lot of other serums I've tried. I was optimistic that I could work this into my winter routine even if I stuck to a lighter cream than I normally use.

However, even without any kind of rubbing, I sensed a slow burning sensation creep up on my face every single time I use this serum. I don't feel it at once (which is a sure sign of an allergic reaction) and it doesn't hurt. But after a couple of weeks, I grew tired of it and I knew it was this serum. My face feels hot and my cheeks get flushed and remain flushed for a few hours whenever I put this on. Slow or quick, I realize that the heat means that this serum does not agree with me at all. It's a shame because I love how moisturizing it is and how easily it spreads. While I'm not fond of the odor, it wasn't too bothersome. The heat definitely was.

So I'm back to testing some other serums in the meantime and this bottle went back to the store. I was told that it could be the alcohol content in the product. I'm not entirely sure because this is the only product that I react to in this specific way. I can't make a concrete recommendation because I can't use it but if reviews on Sephora's website are any indication, a few people seem to like this serum very much. Serums are generally pricey and this one is kind of on the low end of the price spectrum for the amount you're getting. So if it works for you, then that's great.


  1. I've tried Clarins and Lancome serums. Both good.

  2. I haven't tried any serums from either brand. I'll be on the lookout :)