Sunday, January 9, 2011

Elf Lip Book/Sephora Refillable Lipstick Palette

I forgot to mention it yesterday but I've also seen some holiday release Elf Beauty Books out on the clearance bins. Elf is known for their dollar cosmetics but these books are typically $5 a pop. Before they came out with holiday lip books, they had this old one out. The concept is exactly the same so you get the idea.

I got mine for $1.25 before the additional discount and tax. The ones I've seen lately have a black cover and were released in time for the Christmas rush. I like the packaging on this one. I figured that if the lipsticks turn out to be useless, I could scoop them all out and put other lipsticks in the pans.

Sephora sells this lip kit that makes melting old lipsticks a cinch. The kit comes with a palette too but believe me, once you get started, you're going to need way more than that little palette to put in all your new lipstick colors. If you're interested in that lip kit, you can search for the Refillable Lipstick Palette (or just click that link) and the kit will pop up. The last time I checked though, it was not in stock and this is probably because they marked it down to $8. I sure hope they did not discontinue it because if it's still $8, I might be tempted to get another one.

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