Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cuticle Care Trio

I never really thought too much about cuticle care until I started doing my own nails. I used to have my toenails painted professionally in the summers and I did notice the dry cuticles more when they had polish on. But it wasn't that big an issue that I felt I needed to invest in cuticle care products until I decided that I wanted my hands done too.

I started with one product, Creative Nail Design's Solar Oil, which I'd read about in a magazine. Then I decided to pick up their Solar Balm as well, because I wanted something I could carry with me but didn't want a bottle of oil in my purse. That didn't work out too well so I went looking for something else that's convenient to lug around. Browsing, I spied their cuticle oil pen so I thought I'd try that one.

Here's a snap of the trio.

Let me talk about Solar Balm for a minute. I think it's discontinued and I imagine that people have come to the same conclusion I have. It's not very convenient to use.

You see it comes in this little metal tin that's difficult to open, gets slippery from the oils and while not spilling liquid in your purse, can get oil stains on surfaces it touches once opened. I have to keep mine in a little plastic bag all the time. It reminds me of Rosebud Salve. The packaging has the exact same issue. 

Being a solid, this means you have to dip your finger in the tin, get yourself all oily and rub it all over your cuticles. Messy, messy, messy. Also does not seem to absorb as quickly. This is like sticking your finger in a tub of Vaseline although Solar Balm is a lot more solid than that. Consistency-wise, it's more like deodorant but oily. And if you don't sufficiently spread it, it leaves lard-like residue on your cuticles! So not cute.

I am thinking that if it came in a twist up stick, maybe it would have worked a little better. Like deodorant, you know? That's just a quick suggestion, in case anyone from CND ever reads this. I had half a mind to toss the tin of Solar Balm because I rarely use it. But I've kept it in its little plastic baggy and set it aside. If I'm just at home and want to use a solid oil for my cuticles before bedtime, I could slap on some gloves/sleep socks after using this. But I may find an alternative use for it in the future.

Each of the three products above has its merits and I will discuss a few caveats. But for now, they're all I depend on for cuticle moisturizing. I have a few hand lotions and creams that also promise cuticle benefits but there's nothing like a targeted product.

Tomorrow I'll talk about Solar Oil.

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