Thursday, January 20, 2011

Clinique Facial Soap

I ordered the Clinique Three Little Soaps with Travel Dish online a very long time ago. I put the package in my stash of travel goodies and completely forgot about it for I'd say a few years. The question here really is, does soap go bad? Well, as I've discovered, my soaps seem perfectly fine.

Clinique Three Little Soaps with Travel Dish ($15.50)

The facial soap in my set is the mild one. Clinique makes it in at least 3 different versions, extra mild, mild and oily. I have combination skin but when unsure, I always try to buy the dry/sensitive formula of any product. The travel dish also comes in a few varieties. They probably change them every year or so but they have the same basic style.

Travel Dish with bar

Since I uncovered the stash, I put one bar in my shower stall for daily use, took one bar and the travel dish on a trip to the mountains and kept the other one in reserve. I've been using one bar daily for weeks now and I really like it. I haven't used a bar on my face for a very long time so I guess I'm a little surprised at how long these things last. I mean that in both senses that they keep for a very long time unused and they don't get used up so quickly. I use a soap saver for body soap but I just put this right on the bottom rack of my caddy without the soap saver and it doesn't melt like crazy or make a mess of the caddy. It retains its solidness all throughout.

It doesn't have a noticeable odor and it lathers up nicely. I feel clean but not dry when I use it. I thought that taking it on a trip would be a hassle, it being a bar and all, but the travel dish actually keeps the soap dry so it doesn't become a squishy mess when you pack it. All told, for a basic cleansing bar, I think this is an excellent choice. I will keep using the bar until it runs out and if this one bar lasts me the entire winter without event, I am so buying more when my stash runs out.

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