Tuesday, December 21, 2010

SoHo de Chanel Highlighting Powders and Blush

The star of the SoHo Story Collection from Chanel has to be the Highlighting Powders and Blush. It's a compact in the usual rounded square fashion but with 3 different colored powders and SoHo carved on the top.

SoHo De Chanel Highlighting Powders and Blush

I have to be honest. I wasn't completely enthralled when I first saw it. I got the Rouge Coco in Stunning and Le Vernis in Steel but I left this one out of my initial order. Only much later, when the collection appeared at Nordstrom, was I convinced that this might be worth the investment.

Let me tell you why. First, you get so much product compared to your everyday Joues Contraste or even to the Tweeds. Next, you not only get the brick-colored blush but you get 2 highlighters. Granted, you may not use highlighter on a regular basis, and that little strip of pink may not be that easy to get onto a brush by itself. But truly, that little strip can be either highlighter or blush. At the end of the day, this is actually a very versatile compact of powders.

You may choose to use it like any other blush and swirl your brush on the entire surface, or you may want to try and grab the shades individually and create different effects. It's totally up to you how you want to have it on and I think this product will probably look fairly different on everyone, depending on how it's used. The beauty of Chanel powders, I've found, is that they apply sheerly at the onset, but are so sweetly buildable. This is no exception. And having those highlighters right there has inspired me to reach for them when I typically can't be bothered. It's an extra step, but they are right there! And so pretty on.

I surprised myself that I've reached for this compact for more weeks than I imagined I would, continuously. So far, it's worked with pretty much any eye makeup I've put on and as long as I stay within my comfort zone of neutral lips, I don't get an overdose of pink anywhere. I never thought a brick-colored blush would ever look natural on me. But this one does. Amazingly. Plus it can be built up to look like a winter flush. Dare I say it, I love it!

I'm not doing swatches for this one. Other blogs online have done it well. If you really have to see the color, you need to go to a counter and have them put it on you. Or ask for a brush and put it on yourself. That way you can swirl it around and see the different colors this could possibly be. It's conceivable to grab the brick shade by itself and use the highlighter separately but the pink is a real challenge. I find that the most flattering way for me to wear it is to start my brush on the pink part, moving up to the brick and apply that on the apples/cheekbones. Then I dip into the white highlighter and swipe a quick strip on the highest part of the cheekbone for a nice glow. But hey, if it makes you happy, swirl away.

Here's a curious thing I've noticed about this product. Now, all those little compacts come with applicators, right? Blushes always have that slot for the dinky blush brush that everyone throws out. This one does not have the slot (because it's filled with product!) but it does come with a brush, in its own separate little black pouch.

Product in pouch with brush in pouch on top

Brush with pouch underneath

Would you believe me if I tell you that I've found that the brush it comes with is probably one of the better ways to apply it? I've used a whole slew of brushes on this. I tried a regular poufy blush brush, a flatter round tipped one, a slanted one, a skunk brush, a duo-fibre fan brush and a tapered one. The Chanel #10 Contour Face Brush (a slanted blush/bronzer brush) seems best for application, followed closely by the brush that comes with the powders, which is actually a slanted blush brush, albeit a thin one. But there's one good thing about this brush not having the density of the regular-sized brush. If you see how thin that little strip of pink is, this brush that comes with the compact is the perfect size for getting that pink and only that pink. So don't toss it. It's perfect for this blush.

Now here's another curiosity. Notice the name of this product on the back of the compact. SoHo De Chanel Highlighting Powders and Blush. But on the box, it says POWDER and blush. I'm just saying, they missed the S. Although I think Powder, without the S, sounds better.

Back of Compact

Conclusion: I really, really like this powder/these powders. I may leave it on my desk for use throughout the entire winter. I can't envision actually ever hitting pan on it that I'd order another one before they pull it off the shelves, but I think it was a good buy.

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