Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sephora Collection Nano Eyeliner

Sephora sells a lot of eyeliners and of course, they have their own brand of it. Truthfully, the day I picked these up, I wasn't looking for one. I was just looking to fill up my cart to get free shipping on my online order. At $5 a pop, these Nano Eyeliners worked perfectly.

Sephora Nano Eyeliner

My initial purchase consisted of 06 Glitter Brown and 07 Golden Sand. I didn't want a straight up brown and I thought some glitter flecks might be interesting. Then I got Golden Sand because I was looking for a dupe for my Laura Mercier Kohl Eye Liner in Black Gold. I use that one all the time and wanted an inexpensive version I could leave in the car.

Glitter Brown on top, Golden Sand on bottom

This year, Sephora Beauty Insider's got an eye kit for their birthday so I got another one in 11 Silver Green.

Sephora Nano Eyeliner in Silver Green

If you notice, it looks a little different from the first two. I don't know if that's because it's a gift/sample but these eyeliners are small anyway so truthfully, they don't differ that much in size.

From top: Glitter Brown, Golden Sand and Silver Green

Swatch from left: Glitter Brown, Golden Sand, Silver Green

I feel like I should write separate reviews for all three but Glitter Brown and Golden Sand are mostly the same as far as ease of application and longevity go. They also have the same problems. So let me talk about those two first.

Application with Glitter Brown and Golden Sand are a cinch. They glide easily and feel soft against the skin. They occasionally break during application. The tip just breaks off. I don't know if it has something to do with the fact that there is no sharpener available on this planet to properly sharpen these or if it's just because the product itself is too soft.

I went into Sephora and asked someone to show me the sharpener for them and she sold me the sharpener that you see in my pictures. Ok, so the pencils fit into the sharpener but it's still a lot of trouble sharpening them. I can barely turn them and worse, I can't get them out!

With much effort, I've gotten the two of them sharpened and ready to use. They're really good for smudging. I feel like they are more comparable to kohl liners, which I buy primarily to smudge. They create a lovely base color for eyeshadow. If I don't set these with eyeshadow, they migrate within minutes of application and virtually disappear in a couple of hours.

Silver Green. I honestly do not know why it's so different from the other two. I feel like it's not cut from the same cloth. Silver Green barely shows when applied. It does not glide on like butter. Yet, while it is not as soft as the other two, the tip also breaks during application. So I guess that means it is brittle?

Here I compare the initial 3 swatches with Laura Mercier eyeliners in similar shades:

From left: Glitter Brown, Brown Copper, Golden Sand, Black Gold, Silver Green, Black Turquoise

I think that Glitter Brown is a good substitute for the Brown Copper of Laura Mercier. The silver glitter flecks in Glitter Brown are barely apparent so they really have no impact color-wise. It might as well be a regular brown eyeliner with a slight metallic sheen. Laura Mercier's is nicer. But on the eyes, it may as well be a dupe.

Golden Sand looks a lot like Black Gold but without the black. That's easily remedied but smudging in a grey or black pencil or shadow. It's really close.

Silver Green is completely different from Black Turquoise but I would imagine that you could use one for the other to achieve a slightly different effect. They both have a touch of silvery green.

Overall, these Sephora Nano Eyeliners are passable substitutes for Laura Mercier's kohl eye pencils. I love the variety of shades but I've only tried 3 and they're not all of the same quality, so I can't say for sure what the others are going to be like to apply. For inexpensive eyeliners, they do an ok job but you could probably get a drugstore brand for the same price and get a little more product (have I mentioned that they're tiny?).

The pencils themselves don't seem to have a consistent size. I was sold a working sharpener for it but it's still a pain to sharpen them. The sharpener is pretty good, by the way. It's a dual sharpener. It costs $3 and also fits chubby pencils like the Ultra Vinyl Lip Pencil. It has a cover that you can remove to empty it. You don't even need to put it back on, if you don't want to. It sharpens well either way.

So for the most part, I think I will stick with my Laura Mercier kohl pencils and just swallow the $19 price tag on those. If you're not looking for a kohl pencil and you want a line that stays put, Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide On Pencils have awesome staying power and come in a smashing array of rainbow colors. The Sephora Nano eye pencils aren't quite up to the job.

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