Friday, December 17, 2010

NARS Lip Gloss

I recently had a chance to get a sample of a couple of NARS lip gloss shades. The duo here was a gift with purchase on the online order that included my NARS blush in Douceur and the recently reviewed Eyeshadow Base.

NARS Lip Gloss Duo in Sweet Dreams and Dolce Vita

It's a really tiny duo with the shade Sweet Dreams on one end and Dolce Vita on the other. I have not tried either shade in the past so I welcomed the gift. There isn't much product though. I used Sweet Dreams and after two applications, I could barely get any more product out of the tube. I can see that there is still product in there but maybe because of the consistency of the product or the design of the tube, I can't seem to get more of it out.

From left: Dolce Vita, Sweet Dreams

Dolce Vita is on me, a very neutral brown shade with a hint of peach and pink. It has good pigmentation for a gloss and can be worn alone quite nicely. It is described as a dusty rose. Sweet Dreams is described as a pink-gold with shimmer. To me, it is a sheer pink champagne with a lot of frost. They are both wearable on my light to medium skin tone although I would more likely wear Sweet Dreams on top of lipstick than by itself.

These glosses are quite sticky to apply and probably because of that tackiness, have decent lasting power. As I got them for free, I can't really complain too much. I've had some issues with NARS glosses in the past. They're just not my favorite glosses. I used to like them and I appreciate the variety of shades available. But after trying more products, I've come to like the formulation of a couple of other brands so much better. NARS is really thick and sticky coming out of the tube, and especially when you're running low or as in this case, when there is actually very little product in the tube, this viscosity is annoying. I think this makes them hard to apply. I can never seem to get enough product on the doe foot and I keep having to go back into the tube for more.

Don't get me wrong, once you get enough product on, these NARS lip glosses feel nice. They look nice and I like them. But it isn't worth the trouble if I can get the same effect with easier application for roughly the same price or less.

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