Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Maybelline Eyestudio Baked Eyeshadow duo in Silver Starlet

The next duo on the block is Silver Starlet. I really had high hopes for this one because it looked really nice in the pan and it swatched reasonably well, even when dry.

Silver Starlet

Silver Starlet, dry swatch

Silver Starlet, wet swatch

I thought the difference between the wet and the dry swatches needed to be seen on this one. You can really appreciate the color when it's wet, as it applies much darker. I like the combination of these two shades. The champagne side has just the right mix of color so it's not dull and the dark side feels very modern. It is not an easily describable color. Something of a teal that's grey and silver at the same time.

This duo is supposedly one of the neutrals, although I'm confused by Maybelline's definition of neutral because the other neutral they have is Carbon Frost (pink and black). Are teal and pink the new neutrals?

Like the first duo, this too suffers from fallout, but it's milder. With careful application, you can keep it neat. The powder itself is smooth and the texture is nice on the lid. Again, I don't follow the recommended technique for application. I just use the light side as a lid wash and the dark side over liner and on the crease.

All in all, I'm pleased with this duo. For days when I'm feeling like a hint of color and a dash of sparkle, this will do the trick.

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