Monday, December 27, 2010

Maybelline Eyestudio Baked Eyeshadow Duo in Khaki Craze

Khaki Craze was the first duo that I bought from the collection. I love gold eyeshadow and I'd been on a khaki streak so this fit the bill. You get a deep khaki green on the left side and a marbleized gold with green and brown pigments on the right. It's a really nice combination although each side could well be used alone.

Khaki Craze

I was a little wary because it's a baked eyeshadow but I wasn't too disappointed with the color output. The gold was rich and sparkly, the khaki was decidedly green and very flattering on. It does have a good bit of fallout when you apply but with experimentation, I've found that you can control it. Using them wet is one way to do it but I prefer packing it on over a cream shadow or over a really good sticky base.

From left: wet swatch khaki side, dry swatch, dry swatch gold side, wet swatch

The wet swatches show the color more clearly. When applying on the lid, a patting motion works best. If it's wet, you could probably carefully sweep it over an area. I find that if you get enough product on, the color really evens out well. I'll say it now that this is probably my favorite of all the 5 duos I have. The color works, the pigmentation is pretty good and I am reasonably pleased with the lasting power. They will fade after a long day but in the cold winter months, you shouldn't need to retouch at all.

Maybelline's website offers instruction on how to apply the duo to achieve a couple of effects. I don't follow it myself but I'm satisfied with the performance of the duo that I decided to pick up some more while they were on sale.

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