Wednesday, December 1, 2010

L'Occitane Almond Shower Oil

I've been thinking about a friend of mine who's moved to Norway for work and how she must be dealing with the cold weather and the lack of humidity. When I first moved to the east coast, my skin got so dry, I had to revamp my entire grooming routine. I changed all my bath products and became somewhat of a moisturizer addict. Lotion became a necessity, not a luxury. It was out with the soap and the Bath and Body Works shower gels too. One winter, I discovered L'Occitane's Almond Shower Oil and I was hooked.

Having come from the tropics, I'm used to the twice a day showers (sometimes three!) and cleansers that sweep away dirt and grease. But my first winter here, my legs would become so dry that they grew red and itchy. And they hurt! My hands would sometimes start to bleed from simple handwashing that I needed to apply a hand cream after each and every wash. Even after I feel like my skin had mostly acclimated to the lack of humidity, I still needed the constant application of lotions and creams everywhere. It was just so tiring. What I needed was a way to cleanse and hydrate at the same time. This shower oil does the job. 

When I use this in the shower, even if I'm too lazy to apply lotion everywhere after, I somehow survive. Of course, nothing beats actually putting on the creams after shower. But showering with this doesn't leave my skin feeling tight and dry. It looks better and feels better. It smells awesome too! 

There is a downside to all this. It ain't cheap. L'Occitane sells this for $22 for the 8.4 oz. bottle. There's a smaller size you can buy which will obviously be more expensive but there is also a bigger size that they come out with sometimes and it's much better deal. It's a 16.9 oz. bottle for $32. But I tell you, it is worth it! When Nordstrom had triple points, I ordered 5 bottles. I have to use this in the fall and winter now so I needed to stock up. I was told that the L'Occitane boutiques may carry the big size sometime after the holidays.


  1. I happen to be a holder of a L'occitane VIP customer card, eligible for 15% discount on all my purchases at any time.
    I have tried this product, along with the tonic body oil which works wonders on dry skin during winter and gives out a divine scent.

    For my dry hands when I was a new mothering taking care of a baby full time, my hands were so dry from the constant washing and Body Shop's Hemp lotion was THE one that worked.

  2. I should try the Hemp lotion. I have the Body Shop card, 10% off everything. But I need to get myself the L'Occitane one, if they offer that here! I actually like their Shea Butter hand cream but as usual, I get so lazy to actually apply it regularly. I think I need to get a really good hand lotion that comes in a pump, designed for the laziest of lazies :)