Thursday, December 23, 2010

Laura Mercier Sequin Eye Colour in Tiger's Eye

I had the opportunity to check out all the shades of Laura Mercier's Sequin Eye Color one quiet night at my favorite counter. They had just come out and the associate was nice enough to let me play around with all the colors. Then with one of my purchases, I took home a sample of Tiger's Eye.

Laura Mercier Sequin Eye Color in Tiger's Eye ($22)

If you read my review of Violetta yesterday, the basic characteristics of the two are the same. The formula is soft and not powdery in the least. There are problems with adherence and blending is a bit of an issue. There will be a little fallout, mostly some gold specks, but you'll find that they are not too hard to remove and the particles are super fine that if you miss any, it doesn't look awful (like the way Urban Decay shadows look when the glitter gets all over your face). The sparkle is gorgeous and the lasting power is pretty good. The main thing is getting it to stick to your lid. If you can pack it on, the rewards are tremendous color output and a phenomenal brilliance. You can also try using it wet. I don't know if that has any long-term ill effects on the shadows since I heard that these are gel-based but if you keep wet use confined to a small area, I don't think you'll damage the product.

I have a swatch of Tiger's Eye although I have to say it does not do justice to the color that this becomes on the lid. It's just hard to swatch because the pigment won't easily adhere to the applicator or to my skin. It's a medium brown base with gold flecks. To mimic Tiger's Eye, I think it could have used a darker brown for a base color but it's easy to get that effect anyway if you layer it with a dark kohl liner. I have some pictures of a strand of Tiger's Eye to give you an idea of what I mean.

Laura Mercier Sequin Eye Color in Tiger's Eye

Tiger's Eye

Overall, I like what you can produce with the Sequin Eye Color in Tiger's Eye. The color is certainly more useful to me than Violetta. The stone Tiger's Eye is one of my favorite things and I don't think that they quite got there when they called this color such. Nonetheless, it's a color that you can easily reach for. It's brown. It will be flattering to a wide range of women looking for an understated sparkle during the holiday season.

It looks like there are 11 shades available in the Sequin Eye Color formulation at the moment. Please note that the product pictures I have above are of the sample. The regular product is packaged just like Violetta, in the rectangular pan that can be used in the Laura Mercier customizable palettes. If you click this link to my review of Violetta, you will also find my side by side swatches of the two shades.

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