Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Laura Mercier Sequin Eye Colour in Violetta

When Laura Mercier's Mystique Collection for fall 2010 came out, we got a sneak peek at the Sequin Eyeshadows that would become their next eyeshadow formulation. I got Violetta from that collection.

Laura Mercier Sequin Eye Color in Violetta ($22)

Laura Mercier Sequin Eye Color in Violetta

The Laura Mercier Sequin Eye Colors have a very different texture from any other eyeshadow I've ever come across. It's kind of soft when you dip your brush in but it doesn't pick up much product unless you really dig in. It's not powdery at all and almost feels like it has water holding it together. You can press your brush in and the product just shifts like a pillow's contents do when you lay down on it. If anything, it calls to mind those old Vincent Longo Water Canvas Foundation and Blush products. When you touch it, it's a little springy? I don't know if that's the word to describe it, except this doesn't quite spring back.

Laura Mercier Sequin Eye Color in Violetta

Notice the indentation where I pressed a little too hard with my brush

Swatch in natural light

Swatch under bright sunlight

I'm not too sure how I feel about this formula except that I know I'm not reaching for it much because it is very troublesome to apply. Once you've layered on all the sticky base products (eye primer, cream shadow, kohl pencil, caviar eye liner... take your pick, or use 2-3 products at a time), it will adhere to the lid and sparkle like you put a Chanel Glossimer on it but it takes so much effort. You pat on the color and you pat it on and you pat it on again, and again until you get the intensity you seek. If anything, I would put on all my eye makeup and then just dab this on top of it to get a load of that micro-shimmeriness on a vibrant purple look. Heck, use your fingers to dab it on. I think that works even better than the brush. Depending on the lighting, it tends to look a little different, as you can see from the swatches above. It leans indigo blue sometimes. Other times it seems to go pink purple. It just depends which of the little shimmery particles the light catches more.

With the blessing of my favorite Laura Mercier sales associate, I tried using it wet and getting the pigment to show turned out to be a lot easier. When I say wet, I don't mean sopping wet but just lightly dipped in water. I've been told that these are gel-based so we were concerned about how it would react to water but it doesn't look like the formula was affected. To be safe, I only use a small strip on the left when my brush is wet. The only problem with using it wet is that you get this lovely strip of color that you can't really blend out. This just isn't a very friendly formula. I would use it on the lid, just up to the crease and then use other powder shadows to blend over the rest of the lid.

So while I've managed to figure out how to use this and love it when I feel like I get it right, my experience with Violetta made me wary when the rest of the Sequins came out. Violetta appears to be Limited Edition and the closest match is the color Lapis. If you prefer to go the plum route, you can also try Shimmer Plum. I like that shade very much but it is quite similar to the shimmery side of the Chanel Misty Soft Eyeshadow Duo so there was no reason to pick it up. I tried all of them at the store one night and I did like one other shade. I got a sample of it so I didn't need to commit then and there. It's the shade Tiger's Eye which I will be reviewing for you. Here are the two side by side, to give you a quick look.

Left, Tiger's Eye. Right, Violetta.

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