Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Guerlain Écrin 6 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette in Rue De Passy

Nowadays, I crave variety over quantity. More colors over bigger pans. But at the end of the day, I realize that maybe I should be looking for more quality over everything else. If you're willing to shell out extra for that quality, here is a suggestion: the Guerlain Écrin 6 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette in Rue de Passy.

Guerlain Écrin 6 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette ($84)

Rue De Passy

The palette is a real work of art. The filigree on the cover is so beautiful, you'd be tempted to leave it on display on your vanity. I suggest using the black pouch to store it in though, especially if you will be taking it with you in your purse or packing it in a suitcase. The pouch will help keep scratches at bay and preserve the piece of artistry that you now possess. To be honest, I can't even bring myself to toss the box. Although I've stopped putting it back in the box after use.

Guerlain Écrin 6 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette

Rue De Passy

The palette actually has two covers. The top one is mostly decorative and is held down with a magnet. The next cover (which open sideways) houses the mirror and protects the eyeshadows. Opening and closing is no problem.

The palette features a collection of nude shades, a shimmery pink highlighter and a soft black eyeliner. Enclosed in the box is a tiny booklet with instructions for 3 looks. Each look uses at least 3 shades at a time. As the colors are unnamed, they are referred to by number in the booklet.

I was really unsure about plunking down for this palette but I needed to know if it was that special. After a few months of owning it and using it, I declare that it is. If I only had one palette from my collection that I could keep, it would be this one. It creates the perfect neutral everyday polished look and it can be smoked out beautifully for night. The shadows are a lovely texture. So smooth and properly pigmented. There is never any fallout. They are so easy to use!

I deliberated long and hard about which of the 5 Écrin 6 Couleurs Palettes to order and it came down to this and Rue Des Francs-Bourgeois. I now believe that I could have gone either way and totally loved the product. It screams quality from its appearance down to application. However, the colors I've selected, while completely appropriate for every situation, may not necessarily be the most unique. It works for me because these are my favorite shades but truthfully, I probably own these shades in every incarnation available. It's beige, brown, black and pink for crying out loud! In that sense, I don't consider this palette a must-have but a downright luxury. If you have the budget and you want one, I am certain that you will not regret the purchase.

I also need to note that this palette is very heavy. Although I love the colors and think it would be perfect to travel with because of the versatility it allows you, if the weight of your luggage/purse is a concern, this may not be entirely appropriate. Now if you consider that a complaint on this product, then that is my only complaint.

On any day that you can't decide what eyeshadows to wear, you can reach for this palette and know that it will work. I would more than happily use this palette daily if it was all I had. If you don't want to buy it, put it on your Christmas list and let that special someone surprise you with a beautiful thing that you know you can put on everyday. Then add a Rouge G :)


  1. I always wanted this palette, but I could never ever justify spending money on it! It looks so beautiful and luxurious.

  2. To be honest, it was rather beyond my usual budget for a palette as well. I thought long and hard about it, waited for a 20% off opportunity and double cashback and then pounced! Over half a year later and it remains one of my favorite pieces of makeup.