Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sephora Collection Ultra Vinyl Lip Pencil

I've been looking for a pencil liner that I can use with my Rouge G in Gilian. It occurred to me that the color might look better layered with a neutral liner because the color looks way too similar to my lips that I can't even tell I'm wearing lipstick when I have it on. You could say, my lips but better? But NO. As in, it really looks like my lips and I might as well not have bothered with lipstick.

Don't get me wrong. I want to keep using my Rouge G but there has to be a better way to wear it. I tried Chanel's lipliner in Beige (too beige, like putting foundation on my lips). I also tried NARS Belle De Jour Lip Pencil (also too beige but easier to put on). On a trip to Sephora, I told an associate my issue and she looked on as I put Gilian over Belle De Jour. Then she said, I have something you might like better. She came back with Sephora's new Ultra Vinyl Lip Pencils ($12). She handed me the color Sweet Beige.

This pencil comes in 8 shades and Sweet Beige is probably the only one that is not bright. I would say it's a nude that leans peach. It goes with anything.

The texture of the Ultra Vinyl Lip Pencil is awesome. It applies very smoothly. I think it's best used on completely dry lips to get the best pigmentation. The color is rather sheer but full of shine. It's not as moisturizing as I imagined though. I find myself torn between applying a balm before this pencil to get more moisture or using it on dry lips to get more color. It's a chubby pencil so I like how easily you can fill in your entire lip with it compared to a regular lip pencil. If you're after the natural look, I imagine this is the only color from this line that you would like.

Sweet Beige

Overall, for the price, I'm happy with my purchase. For the purpose which I bought it for, it's ok. There's no reason I can't just wear Sweet Beige by itself but adding Gilian on top of it does add a certain dimension to the color. It also adds moisture which my lips love. I think I prefer Gilian with a gloss on top though. As for Sweet Beige, it's nice to reach for on lazy days for a sheer and shiny nude lip.

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