Thursday, November 4, 2010

Rouge G de Guerlain in Gilian

I've been reading a lot about how the Rouge G's are the top of the line lipsticks of Guerlain. I have a couple of the KissKiss ones and while I love their colors, I do find the formula a tad drying. I was told that the Rouge G's would be different in that regard. I went with Gilian for my test purchase. It's supposed to be a very neutral pinkish beige shade that should be able to go with anything and everything.

The sleek case is truly a jewel. This has to be the most beautiful lipstick case ever created. And oh my, the heft. Seriously, it gets heavier the longer you carry it.

You pull the tube out and the mirror pops open. When you flip it around, you will see the shade name and number written. I don't like this system very much. The shade name and number are written on the outer case, not the actual side where the lipstick is. So if you have a good number of these and accidentally switch cases, good luck identifying which is what color.

Gilian is a barely there nude with a pink and brown base and a silver sheen. It applies quite sheerly compared to the other Rouge G colors I tried.

On my lips, Gilian creates a beautiful glowy sheen but deposits barely any discernible color. If anything, it makes my pink lips look a little more brown than they truly are. I think I solved this "problem" by layering some Chanel Extrait de Gloss in Confidence on top. It looks great then, a little more pink. Without the gloss, I'm not satisfied with the color. I am trying a bunch of base colors (lipliner) with it but so far haven't found anything that works better than topping it with gloss.

Gilian swatch

While the formula is indeed impressive, utterly moisturizing and always comfortable, sometimes I question spending so much on lipcolor that I barely see. Add the fact that I now refuse to carry this in my purse (because it weighs a ton), I almost wonder if it was worth the splurge to have that pretty little mirrored compact sitting in my drawer to be admired by noone.

Overall, this Rouge G is a nice lipstick. But given the nature of the shade, I feel it wasn't worth the splurge. If I were to ever finish the tube, it is also not refillable so I would need to spend another $46 to replace it and I would have this lovely but empty shell sitting in my drawer forever. This would make a lovely gift and any recipient would be wowed by its beauty. But I might recommend looking for more color than the nude this has to offer.

UPDATE 11/5/2011: The Rouge G in Gilian sat unused in my drawer for ages before I dug it out. I was looking for a really light neutral that day. This color really works if you want a true neutral lip. I now think that this is the best nude in my collection, if only because it really doesn't add color to the lips but evens it out.

It needs shine and topping it with gloss is really the best way to wear it. The nice thing about it is, because it gives you a truly neutral base to begin with, you can put any gloss color on top and it combines to create a muted version of whatever brighter shade you've added.

If you want to keep the neutral look and add shine, even a clear gloss would work. I've found a partner for it in the Chanel Glossimer in Maline and now I've found an even better complementary shade in the Chanel Glossimer in Sweet Beige. I think that they were made for each other. The perfect neutral. And I've heard rumors resurface of the possibility of Rouge G refills!

While I stand by my opinion that if you're going to buy a really expensive lipstick, you may want to consider shades with more vibrancy first. If you normally wear a nude lip, this is one of the more perfect nudes I have ever encountered in color and the formula is just top of the line. It's moisturizing, long-lasting and so comfortable on, even after extended periods. I may just repurchase this color if those refills ever come out.

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