Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Rock & Republic Contrived Pressed Blush

Last September, Rock & Republic had one of those half price sales on their cosmetics and I decided to pick up a couple of blushes. I heard that about a week or two before that, HauteLook already had the sale so most of the colors were gone. As of this posting, only one shade is left on R&Rs website (and they have the sale again!). I imagine that these blushes will pop up in various discount stores if they haven't already. It looks like R&R is phasing out their cosmetics line. I'm not 100% about that info but all signs point there. Either that, or they're getting rid of all stocks to revamp the line. But I doubt that since I've read about the financial troubles this company has been through.

So anyway, the two I picked up are Lust and Seduce. They retail for $40 normally. For this price, you get a very large pan, with product enough to last you a lifetime. Seriously. The packaging is pretty but quite wasteful. You get this uber-large round box with the item nestled securely between cardboard inside.

Lust is the more wearable shade to me. It's a dark coral that can double as bronzer to emphasize the contours of the cheek. Then again, I'm reasonably fair and warm-toned so maybe this works for me in that way and not for others.


The other shade I have is Seduce, which is a dark mauve. I really have a hard time wearing this one. One thing with these blushes is that they are so pigmented that it's so easy to overdo the application. I have to be so careful with my brush or it will be clown city. 


Seduce is also difficult to photograph and swatch. Most swatches look brown when the shade is actually quite plum. The picture in the open compact is fairly accurate by my standards. Here I swatched them side by side.

Left Lust, Right Seduce

As you can see from the swatch, Seduce looks brown. This is not the case in real life but I'm thinking that it reflects light in such a way that when photographed, it doesn't show the mauve tones. Anyway, these are beautiful blushes that will be most appreciated by those who like very high pigmentation. If you have dark skin and most blushes tend to look sheer on you, this is the blush for you. If you need a burst of color for photographs or stage, this will do the trick. As everyday blushes, they're very hard for me to recommend because I have such trouble applying them subtly. The usual blush brushes pick up too much product so I would say using a fan brush or a stippling /duofiber brush (like a mac 187) would be more appropriate if you want a natural look. I also think that Seduce would look better on cooler skin tones or darker skin. For fall, I think it could work for me. For spring or summer, probably not. Lust though, with careful application, I could wear year-round.

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