Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Burberry "Lip Cover" Soft Satin Lipstick in Rosewood

If you're new to the idea of Burberry for makeup, let me reintroduce Burberry Beauty. It's a small but ample line of makeup designed to create natural-looking everyday looks. In the US, it is available online (Burberry's website) and at Nordstrom. However, only 5 stores actually have a counter. Even the Burberry boutiques don't carry the makeup at all. Burberry launched this year and while it's garnered some interest, I'm thinking the novelty has started to fade away. For me, the main issue is availability. It's just hard to buy products sight unseen.

But anyway, I really liked the Burberry liptstick I ordered in Antique Rose. I liked the heavy pigmentation and the creamy, moisturizing formula. So I'd been wanting to try some other shades. Without a Burberry Beauty counter anywhere nearby, I had a tough time picking out a color. After a lot of research online, I went with Rosewood.

I find now that I really dislike the packaging :( While pretty, I don't find myself enamored with the boxiness of it. It doesn't fit in my lipstick organizer and the magnets make me paranoid about putting it in my purse. (The cap snaps back into place via a magnet.)

Burberry 'Lip Cover' Soft Satin Lipstick ($30)

Shade-wise, I was skeptical because it looked very red-brown when I opened the tube. Dark shades are out of my comfort zone. I hoped that it would apply sheerly but it did not.

Rosewood in bright morning sunlight coming from left side

I'm torn on how to summarize how I feel about this shade. I think it looks nice whenever I see this picture. But somehow, it's just not one of my favorite shades. I guess my issue is that unless I'm standing in front of a lamp or bright sunlight, it does nothing to brighten up my face. I know, I know. The Burberry makeup isn't supposed to stand out. The stuff is supposed to look neutral and polished. But unfortunately, it's gotten quite boring in the process.

I know lip colors look different on everyone. On me, I think Rosewood looks too dark. I'm also one to apply thickly so this just isn't working for me. I will constantly need a shiny gloss on top to brighten and lighten it. Or I could stand in front of a lamp all day :p I feel a little sad because this is an excellent lipstick formulation. But alas, Rosewood just isn't the color for me.

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