Monday, October 25, 2010

Chanel Éclat Lumière Highlighter Face Pen

I'd been looking for a nice pen-style concealer, reminiscent of one I had years ago from Clinique. While I admit that the shade was a little off (perhaps a tad too light), I grew to like that little pen. I remember it being convenient, light on the skin, and good for illuminating dark areas. I first looked at Clinique to see if it still existed and maybe the shade offerings have multiplied but I was disappointed. So I sauntered over to the Chanel counter and tried a few shades of the Éclat Lumière "highlighter face pen." This is apparently the newer version of the old Pro Lumière and doubles as a highlighter.

When I bought it, I thought that the color-match was pretty good. The associate helped me pick out the Medium shade. With repeated use however, I have realized that it does not perfectly correct my under-eye discoloration. It is a bit sheerer than other formulas I've used so I have a tendency to over-apply it because I keep thinking it just needs a little more and then suddenly, I've put on too much. It's actually noticeable that I have put on concealer. As long as I don't put on too much and I've gone over it a little bit with my foundation, then it looks ok. But if I'm not wearing foundation, this is far from perfect.

The Chanel Éclat Lumière Highlighter Face Pen was designed to double as a highlighter, to reflect light on high points of the face. The concept is that you put it on an area so that it will reflect light. You can use it on the cheekbones, under the brow and other parts of your face where you want a little shine. As a concealer, I think it would work better if mixed with a proper color-corrector. That way, you get to lighten the dark patches and reflect light. Although the pen is convenient for on-the-go touch ups, I find that this is still better applied with a proper concealer brush, like they did at the counter. You can dot the product on your face and then use a concealer brush to spread it out. Blend it out properly and you should look instantly well-rested!

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