Monday, October 25, 2010

Armani Silk High Color Cream Lipstick

My purchases last month included a couple of items from Giorgio Armani Beauty. I bought the Armani Silk High Color Cream Lipstick in shade 99. When I ordered the items, they also had a gift with purchase available.

The Loot Bag


Armani Silk High Color Cream Lipstick in 99 - ($27)

I think it's a good rose color that is neither too pink nor too red. I tend to shy away from red lipstick so this is as far across that spectrum as I'd like to go. It has a cream finish with no sparkles and no frost. The sheen is mild but the color is not flat. I'm relatively pleased with the color and the texture is smooth. It's almost like a stickgloss. It's that buttery. It doesn't dry my lips and applies nicely. It doesn't last too long though and I feel that it applies more sheerly than most lipsticks. This was 3 coats on and it was still mostly sheer.

With the purchase, I also received this bunch of goodies:

The foundation sample came with the primer and a highlighter. Before I was given this, the Armani associate made sure to test the foundation on me, to make sure she was giving me the correct shade. This was a very good idea because I've tried this foundation before and I kept being given the wrong color. This time, I think she gave me the right one, but it still leans a little too light for my taste so that did not work out too well. The primer seems to be silicone-based and that also does not work for me so out to the trash that went. The highlighter was a nice surprise. It was very light and was quite pretty on.

The Crema Nera sample they sent me was expired so that was a disappointment. But the Rouge d'Armani samples were great. There was a red shade, a pink one and a beige one. I don't really wear red so I only tried two of the shades.

From left: Pink 500, Beige 100
These are extremely pigmented. The pink looks quite dark as you can see from the swatch on the left. It has a lot of brown tones, I think. The beige is actually a beautiful neutral. It might look completely devoid of life when on, but it makes a great base if you want a nude lip. I thought that these stained a little but pigment and color are very nice. I may try these out again when I get the chance to browse a counter.

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