Monday, September 13, 2010

Burberry "Light Glow" Natural Blush in Peony

I'm quite happy with my first Burberry blush purchase so I thought I'd look at the other shades. On holiday, I found myself at a Nordstrom that had a Burberry counter so I got to try some of them and I picked No. 04 - Peony.

When I got my package, it had the blush in Peony and the lipstick in Antique Rose.

Burberry Blush in Peony

Peony is a warm light pink. I'd like to say it's a young-looking pink, the kind that gives you a youthful pop of color on your cheeks. Just like Cameo, it's super-pigmented so it needs to be applied sparingly. While the brush included is actually not bad, I think it's best applied with a skunk brush. That way, you can build color more slowly. This is just lovely on the apples of cheeks.

All the Burberry products I've tried are highly rose-scented. It doesn't bother me although I imagine it irks some. I don't think that it's causing any kind of reaction on my skin either. The color is long-lasting. Apply it before you leave the house and you're good for the entire day. Love it!

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