Friday, September 3, 2010

Kashuk Tools Multi Purpose Cosmetic Brush

I recently purchased one of Sonia Kashuk's more expensive single brushes because I've been on the lookout for a slightly dense and stiff angled blush/contouring brush that's also reasonably soft against the skin. On a trip to Target, I spied one of Sonia Kashuk's premium line brushes that I thought might work. I've had some success with Sonia Kashuk's brushes before. I have her old blush brush with the white handle, a brush that served me well until I could finagle the budget for more luxurious hairs. I've picked up one of her fluffy, white-handled eyeshadow brushes on clearance and I use that a lot to this day. I liked that brush so much that I bought two. There are misses though. I recently bought one of her Kabuki brushes and that turned out to be a disappointment. But I think this new brush is a different story.

The Kashuk Tools Multi Purpose Cosmetic Brush:

This is the medium brush. However if you search for it online, it does not indicate that anywhere. It's simply called the Kashuk Tools Multi Purpose Cosmetic Brush. But you know it's going to be this brush if you see the picture and it has the angled head.

Also a picture from the side so you can see how thick and dense it is:

This line of brushes goes by the name Kashuk Tools. They have fancy-shaped black handles and as far as I can see, they're all full-sized, long-handled brushes in a complete range, from powder brushes to eye brushes. I think this brush line is also her most expensive one. Given that, I expected better quality than the white-handled brushes.

When buying things at Target, unless I need something immediately, I try to wait for a sale. But I just had to have this one, sale or no sale. I recently bought a Bourjois blush that hasn't been as easy to apply as I'd hoped. It's a baked blush. I was hoping that this brush would help. True enough, getting more product on the brush has become a little easier since I've bought this. I've even been able to dig out an old Stila blush that's been sitting forgotten in a corner because it was so light that when I apply it, I could see no color. With this new brush, I could get more powder on the hairs. So when I brush it on to my cheek, voila! I see the color!

For contouring, the shape of the brush is really nice. But because the brush is dense and rather stiff, you need a light hand. The denseness helps with harder baked products though. You can smush it into the product and get a lot more pigment than you would with softer brushes. Depending then on how you apply the product, you could concentrate the pigment on certain spots a lot better than with other brushes.

The price of this brush is $17.99 on and in stores. It's a good quality brush that hasn't shed since I washed it and used it. It feels decently soft against the skin and it does the job. I highly recommend it.

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