Thursday, September 9, 2010

Chanel Rouge Coco in Stunning

One of the items I got from the Chanel SoHo Story collection was the Rouge Coco in Stunning. I was expecting a pink-beige shade that would go with everything.

Chanel Rouge Coco in Stunning ($30)

In Natural Light

The gold trim on the case is a little more gold/orange than my other Rouge Coco lipsticks but that could just be the one I got.

The Rouge Cocos I own all apply thickly and are very pigmented but remain reasonably moisturizing as you wear it. You need to be careful though if your lips chap. The color kind of sticks to all the wrong places.

Stunning isn't a bold color so it doesn't stand out. You can wear it with heavier eye makeup and be certain that the focus will remain on your eyes.

Rouge Coco in Stunning

I think that by itself it looks dull but it is infinitely better with the Star Glossimer on top. It gives it that much needed shine and sparkle. It looks incredibly similar to the shade Perle which is one of the original Rouge Coco colors. That said, Perle also looks great with the Star Glossimer on top. If you make me pick one between the two, I'd actually say, go with Perle.

From left: Stunning, Perle

If we go by the swatches, it appears that Stunning has a more peachy beige base and Perle has mild mauve tones. They're extremely similar on but for some strange reason, I just think that Perle looks better. If you want a recommendation, before you part with your money for the Rouge Coco in Stunning, I think you may want to go through the existing roster of Rouge Cocos at your nearest Chanel counter and pick a shade that makes a bigger statement.

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