Sunday, September 5, 2010

Bourjois Rose D'Or Blush

I was looking for a little something to fill up an online order and decided to give Bourjois blushes a try. I picked up just one shade since the selections were quite limited. I settled on Rose D'Or:

The container is plastic. It's cute and makes finding the shade you want very easy because the pots are the "same" color as the item in it. But since the top is not flat, it doesn't make for good stacking. It reminds me of Laura Mercier pots but with less sturdy plastic. I like to store these on their side.

When you press the little gold button, it opens to reveal a small brush and instructions for application. I never used the brush. It's this stiff little thing. Stiff, maybe for a reason? More on that later.

The color is a rosy pink with a gold sheen. You can see little gold flecks but they will not appear so on the skin. This applies super sheerly but the color is really pretty.

The challenge was trying to get more product on the brush and more pigment on the cheek. The product being baked, has a hard surface. I've been told that scraping off the top layer will solve that issue so I scraped off a little with a disposable mascara wand. This worked to release more product and pigment but also wasted a fair bit of it. Think powder, everywhere. So I went in search of another brush instead and discovered the previously reviewed Kashuk Tools Medium Multi Purpose Brush to be good for this blush.

While some have compared this to Nars Orgasm, I do not think that they are at all similar once applied. In the pan, and especially in pictures, it kind of does look similar though. I think it's the gold sheen that makes it appear so. Here are the two products side by side. On left, NARS Orgasm and on right, Bourjois Rose D'Or.

On my skin, Rose D'Or is definitely more pink while Orgasm is more peachy. The gold sheen makes both products look wonderfully natural and not overly shimmery. On left Orgasm, on right, Rose D'Or:

I'd say in the end though, this purchase was a bust. Bourjois Rose D'Or is certainly not worth $15. I think I've gotten better drugstore blushes for half that. Plus, I had to buy a new brush just to use it! Too bad because the color is really nice.

Bourjois is the company that owns Chanel and I adore Chanel blushes. But as Bourjois sells cheaper products, they likely can't afford to use the same ingredients that they put in the Chanel blushes and keep their prices low. I will keep the blush and use it once in awhile but you can bet I will not be buying any more.

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