Monday, August 30, 2010

Sonia Kashuk Eyeshadow

Browsing the Target aisles the yesterday, I came across the Sonia Kashuk Enhance Eye Shadow in Tea Rose. It was marked down to $1.45 so I grabbed it. It comes in a rectangular white case with a magnetic closure.

It's a matte shade and is equal parts brown and pink. Mostly it comes across as a pinkish brown. My problem is, I've been disappointed more than once in colors like this. I remember one experience that involved Laura Mercier's Cashmere and Fresco shades. Matte is sometimes an issue. This product? Very matte. If you can make matte any "matte"r, this is it. No shimmer, no shine. While the texture is not powdery, it's not as smooth as the eyeshadows I'm used to.

The color payoff is rather poor and without any sort of shine, it's just downright dull. It took maybe 5-7 swipes to get the swatch to photograph visibly. On lids, it takes about as many coats for it to show, and even then, it just looks a little muddy. So, I paired it with a rather sheer brownish pink shade that also had poor color payoff but had a little sheen. The pigment of this, mixed with the sheen of the other made for a more polished but natural looking lid. It's a little more awake than if I'd used this alone. It balanced the brown pigments on this with a little more pink so it made a good base for the other shadow. It's a lot of effort to look as if I didn't have any makeup on though. Not something you'd want to pay regular price for.

I actually found some Sonia Kashuk Eyeshadow Duos in previous clearance piles at Target but those had such awful reviews that I didn't even want to pick them up. One of them was teal and the other was brown. I've heard complaints about the lack of pigment and my experience with the single is the same. I have a quad I picked up awhile back and never got to use. I guess I'll need to try that out sometime and see if all her shadows have that issue. That one has really dark colors though, so maybe it will be a little better.


  1. I loved the cashmere color, if you find any more on clearance, I'm happy to pay the cost plus $3-$4 per shadow for your trouble. I'm on eBay, etsy, etc, I have pay pal.

  2. This post was done awhile back so these shadows are long gone. I just go around various Target stores to hunt down clearance bins. You may have some luck in your area. The JK Jemma Kidd line has a few duos on clearance.