Thursday, August 12, 2010

I love my Chanel Aqualumière Gloss

I recently heard that Chanel's Aqualumière Glosses are going to be discontinued (gasp!). I realized rather late in the game that I actually prefer these glosses to the more popular Glossimers. While I'm not a fan of the sheerness/lack of pigmentation, I completely love the texture and the way the Aqualumières feel on my lips. They are so moist.

Some would argue that if you pile on the Aqualumière Glosses, they would later run around the side of your lips and you'd have to wipe it down. I've heard complaints about the packaging being not as sturdy and caps breaking apart. I've had none of these experiences. I also used to dislike brush applicators but I understand now that of products whose brush applicators I disliked, it was really the product that I didn't like (ex. Stila Lip Glaze). With the Aqualumière Lip Gloss, the brush applicator is perfect.

I won't go on to compare Aqualumière Glosses to the Glossimers. I have a fair number of both. But as a salute to one that may soon be gone, I present some Aqualumières that I have:

These three are from left, Hirondelle, Bon Bon and Candy Glow. Viewed from the side:

Hirondelle is creamy pink with a barely noticeable shimmer (but still very shiny), Bon Bon rather beige with gold shimmer and Candy Glow is peach/coral with shimmer. Here are the swatches, from left Hirondelle, Bon Bon and Candy Glow.

While Bon Bon and Candy Glow are part of the regular year-round collection, Hirondelle was, I think, part of a Holiday collection that was a limited edition. Aqualumière Glosses are not as popular as the Glossimers so you will most likely still be able to buy a wide variety of colors, including limited edition ones. If anything, probably not at Nordstrom, but most likely online. I myself am looking to pick up Bondi Beach and Glass Quartz before they completely disappear. The "replacement" product will likely appear on shelves by September (perhaps in time for Nordstrom triple points?). We'll see what those are going to be like.


  1. I've tried one of these. Must have been the Bon Bon. Loved it.

  2. Yeah, the feel of it is lovely. I did get Bondi Beach (which was originally an Australia exclusive and nobody here ever pronounces it correctly) but that's pretty much it. The stuff is no longer out on counters because the new Extrait de Gloss is out. Which reminds me, I should review one of those...