Friday, August 13, 2010

Burberry Sheer Eyeshadow

I couldn't help myself. Even if there was no way to see the product without ordering it, I had to know. Trying to play it safe, I got two shades, No. 02 - Trench and No. 09 - Rosewood.

As far as these colors go, I wasn't wrong to trust my instincts. Trench is a creamy vanilla shade and goes on beautifully sheer. I love it as a base. This matches my skin tone so perfectly.

Rosewood is a sheer but buildable taupe color. Given that, the combo I picked up works for a neutral everyday eye. It also pretty much sums up the seeming philosophy of the entire line, that neutral everyday look. It wouldn't be hard to use these shadows everyday.

The texture is really smooth and buttery. I haven't had too much trouble with staying power either. (Swatches are here.) If anything, I think the case is a little heavy and the magnets that keep them shut, while perfectly effective, sometimes prohibit you from storing them one on top of the other neatly. How does it go again? Like poles repel? So if you put one on top of the other, it angles itself instead of staying put. (Hard to explain. You'll have to find this out for yourself.) It's a minor complaint really. As for purchasing without seeing, I have no regrets.

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