Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Burberry "Light Glow" Natural Blush in Cameo

There are probably a good number of reviews already out for the new Burberry makeup but I've found that the photographs always look somewhat different. Truthfully, nothing beats seeing the actual product if you're looking to buy. There was no nearby Nordstrom that had a Burberry Beauty counter so I resorted to calling up the San Francisco store and having one of the SA's compare blush shades with products I already know. The SA was thinking that I might want to try Blossom but I wanted something pink, not peach or coral. I worried that Peony would be extremely light and I wanted a little more warmth so we settled on No. 2 - Cameo for me.

Burberry Blush in Cameo
Beautiful packaging. A little hefty but nice and sleek. Also comes with the black pouch (reminiscent of Chanel). I also took a version without the flash and moved it to the usual white background that I use:

They look like two different products depending on the lighting. To me, the no flash version is probably more accurate. I would describe Cameo as a warm medium pink with no shimmer. Looking at it from certain angles, I almost feel like there is a touch of brown to it but it is definitely pink.

Despite being called Light Glow blushes, I've found that the one I have is deeply pigmented. So much so that one swipe is all I need for a good dose of color on my cheeks. While I appreciate the pigmentation, I actually prefer blushes that go on the sheer side because I have naturally pink cheeks. I also don't mind reapplying periodically during the day. This, however, needs no reapplication. That one swipe lasts all day.

Burberry's products appear to be highly scented. The second you open it, you get a whiff of what has been described (not just by myself) as old lady powder smell. A little like perfumy talcum powder. This dissipates though. After application, I no longer smelled it.

I like the product enough to keep it and after swatching it against all the blushes I own, I have found no exact match. The brush in the package is also soft and useable, which is rare nowadays. If not for the magnetic closure, this would have been purse perfect. The mirror is nice too. Overall, I'm quite pleased with my purchase and I'm sure I will be reaching for this shade every so often.

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