Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Maybelline Eyeshadow Duos

I'm always at Target. Whenever I get the chance, I browse the aisle endcaps to see what items they've put on clearance. I've found some real treasures at 90% off the original price. On my last trip, I found 3 different Maybelline eyeshadow duos at 54 cents apiece.

From left: Amethyst Diamond, Copper Diamond and Turquoise Diamond
The pigmentation is decent on these shadows and for the price, I wish they had more shades available on clearance. They periodically repackage though, so I imagine that these are likely being phased out in favor of new combinations.

Swatched from left: Amethyst Diamond and Copper Diamond

I thought that the two colors in the middle would be more similar but they are not. Amethyst Diamond's dark shade has a lot of red tones. I would use it sparingly. The more useful brown is on Copper Diamond. On application, Copper Diamond is definitely the more vibrant of the two.

Turquoise Diamond

Turquoise Diamond shows a lot of promise although I haven't really had a chance to use it. I can see it being very pretty for a pop of color on the eyes in the summer. I'm pretty happy with the haul and highly recommend these if you're looking for an inexpensive batch of colors to play with. They apply smoothly and are not too powdery.

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