Monday, July 19, 2010

Chanel Enigma Quad


The Chanel Enigma quad is one of pieces I picked up from this year's fall collection. I think it's a great collection. The colors really feel like fall and I found myself seriously thinking about what to get, before I put myself in debt because I want to buy everything.

The quad is a combo of deep shades to create the perfect smoky eye. The colors in these quads are never identified individually so I've taken to naming them as they appear to me. On top, from left, the peach shade and the brown shade. Bottom left is the grey shade and bottom right is the plum shade:

The swatches from left, peach, brown, grey and plum:

All the colors have some shimmer but they are nicely pigmented and blend wonderfully. Although I love the colors in this quad, I haven't found myself using them together at all. I tried it once and didn't like how I ended up with a plummy brown explosion that didn't quite showcase how pretty the colors were individually. Maybe the problem is that the colors look way too similar on the eye if you use them all together. I reach for the brown shade most often and use it as a crease color when I do a brown/gold smoky eye. I also like the peach shade as an allover wash. The plum shade is perfect with the Cassis eyeliner which I also picked up.

Overall, I think this is a nice quad. It's not a must-have but it's a good value if you like dark shades. I think the Chanel quads are, in general, a better value over the singles or even the duos. If only for this reason, I keep buying them. The quality has certainly improved over the years and these four shades will surely last me more than the fall season.

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