Thursday, March 15, 2018

The Last Rouge G

I had wondered why I'd seen Rouge G lipsticks being sold for half price and what I've heard is that the line is being discontinued. Nooooooooooooooooo!

The Rouge G de Guerlain is my ultimate favorite lipstick. It's not my everyday workhorse (but it could be). Rather, it's my special occasion, gotta have it lipstick. It's got a great formula and it looks so luxurious that when I see the $50-something price tag, I actually know what I'm paying for. So why????????????

Thursday, March 8, 2018

The switch to synthetic brushes

In the world of makeup brushes, a number of brands have made the switch to synthetic. I have many old MAC and Laura Mercier brushes and now those brushes are no longer available. I had gone to the Laura Mercier counter at the end of last year (2017) in search of a few new eye brushes and I was shown the entire set of new synthetic bristle brushes. I ended up buying the holiday set, just to kind of introduce me to the new line. It's been a couple months now and I'm still undecided about how I feel about them. Frankly, I'm not thrilled enough with them to buy more. I still prefer to use my old brushes which I've had for years and years.

I tried to buy a new MAC 217 (the old natural hair one) when they had one of those limited edition versions with a different colored handle. But it was terrible. It was not anywhere near the quality of my original MAC 217 so I brought it back to the store. Now, all the new MAC brushes are synthetic. I've been able to get one of the holiday brush kits and a short-handled version of the full fan brush which I really wanted that because every time my daughter sees a brush like that in a store, she wants to take it home. The brushes are ok, but they have not convinced me that the new synthetic brushes are a better stock so I haven't been tempted to replace my old brushes with the new synthetic versions.

I have nothing against either type of brush, per se. I buy both kinds and both have their place in my collection. I have some favorites that are synthetic and have some that are not. The problem for me is when I love a brush and then they change it. I tend to fear that the replacement isn't going to be as good as the original. Like when Giorgio Armani Beauty replaced their foundation brush with a new, synthetic one, I actually scrambled to find a retailer that still sold the old one so I could get a back up. I don't regret that decision and I still love that brush. With care, the brushes should last many years.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof in 939 Nero Vulcanico

The one thing that I got from the Chanel spring/summer collection was the Stylo Yeux Waterproof (eyeliner) in 939 Nero Vulcanico. I looked at the eyeshadow palette that's the star of the collection many times but I haven't been convinced to shell out for it. On the one hand, it seems to be priced so well for a Chanel palette with so many colors. But on the other hand, so many colors on a palette tend to overwhelm me. I don't really know if I'd ever use all of them.

This eyeliner, however, looks like a good investment. The color is actually more black than many black eyeliners I have. I think of it as volcanic rock black, as the name suggests. It's different enough from the Noir Pétrole eyeliner but serves a similar purpose for me, just a great everyday color. I haven't decided yet whether or not I want a back up though. Since it's not labeled as limited edition, I think I'll just enjoy this one until it's used up and consider a repurchase then.

Friday, March 2, 2018

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Rouge Irrésistible

If you've ever perused the Chanel counter at any department store, you'd find the display for the new Rouge Coco Lip Blush with an invitation to play with color. They have three categories for you to choose from: the intense, the incandescent and the bright. In the collection, they offer not just the Rouge Coco Lip Blush but also a slew of Rouge Coco lipstick, Rouge Coco Gloss, Rouge Coco Stylo and Rouge Coco Shine. Many of the colors are pink or coral but I gravitated towards the intense. My top pick is the Rouge Coco Shine in 144 Rouge Irrésistible.

The pictures come out a little warmer than what I think this color looks like in person. I thought the color would be red but it's definitely more fuchsia. When I was comparing swatches in the store, I thought Rouge Irrésistible to be similar to the Jumbo Longwear Lip Crayon in Framboise, just sheerer. The associate says Framboise is brighter but I think it's just a pigmentation difference. I haven't bought a Rouge Coco Shine in awhile. I've found that pigmentation can vary among shades but this one is truer to the original formula, with more slip and shine. There is definitely a lot of color though. For a regular day, I would consider it pretty bright but the formula is very comfortable. I'm really pleased with it.

Truthfully, I'm tempted to get two more items from the intense lineup. The Rouge Coco Gloss in Rose Tentation is calling my name, and I really like the color of the Rouge Coco Stylo in Framboise Sensuelle. But I don't want to overwhelm myself with large purchases. Now, I try to buy one thing at a time and find that when I do, I enjoy my purchases more. I will probably go back for the gloss this month but still on the fence about the other lipstick since I don't enjoy the delivery system of the Rouge Coco Stylo. It's probably something I need to try on to have a final decision on whether it warrants a purchase or not.