Thursday, January 12, 2017

Guerlain Météorites Happy Glow Pearls

Happy New Year! Happy Glow Météorites, yey!

This is the latest in a long line of limited edition météorites but what makes this especially, well, special, is that 2017 marks météorites' 30th anniversary. In tribute, or so I've read, is the release of this capsule collection which also includes a blush and a couple of lip colors. I haven't seen any of them although I chanced upon the météorites being available on Nordstrom's website so off I went to order it and here are some pictures.

This set comes in the sphere that's similar to the winter Perles de Neiges, down to the included puff and mirrored lid. The color scheme however, is completely different. The Happy Glow Pearls are a combination of champagne, purple, pink and the ones they call rainbow pearls (the really large white-looking ones). Just looking at it, I'm not sure I feel like it's that special. However, I do like the sphere. The only thing I'm wishing right now is that, for the arm and leg that they charge for a container of these météorites  they double the amount of météorites pearls that are actually in the container. I feel like I'm getting less and less every year but the price just keeps going up. And whenever you look at promotional pictures, you see a container brimming with pearls. When you get one, it's never really ever more than half full.

I'd like to see the rest of the collection before contemplating another purchase. I also heard that for spring will be another La Petite Robe Noire collection (mmm... not exactly a fan). What I am really interested in right now is the limited edition Rouge G that I caught a glimpse of somewhere online. It's supposed to be out in celebration of the upcoming lunar new year, when the year of the Rooster commences. I can't wait to get my hands on that one!

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Chanel Rouge Allure Luminous Intense Lip Colour in 99 Pirate

I'm not entirely sure if advent calendars are really supposed to be just 24 days (and there are some that are only 12 days) but the calendar box that I purchased had a special drawer at the top, which I assumed is for Christmas day so I filled it. I thought, what better way to celebrate Christmas in color than with an old favorite red lipstick, the Chanel Rouge Allure in Pirate.

The Chanel Rouge Allure in Pirate is a true, rich, deep red with just the right satiny, cream finish. I am told that it is one of the brand's bestsellers and I can totally understand why. In the last couple of weeks, the only other red I've loved was the Burberry Kisses lipstick in Parade Red, a pinky red next to Chanel Pirate. If you're looking for more of a power red, or something for a sensual night out, I think Pirate would be the hotter option. The lip liner in Rouge Profond is not a perfect match (as it seems a better match for the UD Vice lipstick in 714) but it does the job.

The line is supposed to be long-wearing and intense and I find that the pigmentation can vary depending on the shade chosen. The reds are intense and that totally works for this color. You could maneuver around that intensity in color though. Apply one coat and blot for a lighter, more matte-like finish or apply a second coat for intense color with a little shine. I like a well-defined red lip so I go in with pencil after I put on the color. I just crisp up the edges with it but you could also apply the pencil all over the lip before applying the lipstick. That will give you the best staying power.

If the shade Pirate is not your thing, there are over two dozen other shades in the Rouge Allure line for you to choose from, some with matching nail polish shades as Pirate does. I personally don't go around buying red lipstick if not for a special occasion but the brand has really been pushing a lot of red lately. I'm still trying to get used to the style sensibilities that Lucia Pica brings in. Of the latest collections, I simply haven't been a fan. However, change can be difficult and I understand that. It's nice to see things moving forward either way. I'd give it a chance and keep looking until something catches my eye. And if nothing, well, that's money saved, I guess. That's never a bad thing.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Marc Jacobs Le Marc Lip Crème Lipstick in 228 Infamous

Now at Day 24 of my advent calendar feature, we have the Marc Jacobs Le Marc Lip Crème Lipstick in Infamous. Sephora's website describes it as a soft peony and I'm not sure that's a very clear description. I think this is something of a pink brown that... applause please... doesn't turn orange on me! After days of orangey lipsticks, I'm so thrilled to finally get something out of my calendar that stays a shade of pink when I put it on. Right now, this has to be one of my favorite lipsticks.

If you were able to get the shade Kiss Kiss Bang Bang in your birthday gift from Sephora, Infamous is definitely a sister color. Just off the top of my head, I recall Kiss Kiss Bang Bang being a little brighter and pinker. Infamous is just a smidgen more beige/brown-based and may even pull slightly rose-mauve. It's definitely the kind of color I'm inclined to leave in my purse makeup kit as it looks good, feels good and suits every attire and every occasion.

The formula of this lipstick is creamy and it is highly pigmented. From the sleek black packaging with the magnetic closure, down to the luxurious texture, it really does feel like a high end product. The $30 price point places it square in that luxury brand category although I've found several other lipsticks sold for more (I'm looking at you Bobbi Brown, with that new Luxe Lip Color) that may or may not perform as well. I am so pleased with this purchase that I am planning to have a closer look at the entire color range the next time I find myself at Sephora.

This does mark the end of my advent calendar feature but I will be posting something extra tomorrow morning, Christmas Day, and then I will be taking a break. I'm so looking forward to spending some quiet days at home with my children. For the opportunity to do that, I am most thankful.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in 714

The Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in 714 is a bright red with the mega-matte finish. Of the reds I have on hand right now, I think it's closest to Burberry's Lip Velvet in Military Red. The new Rouge Dior in 999 is also similar but leans a bit warmer. To my eye, 714 is definitely an orangey red. It's not a red I would ordinarily go for but I got this tube as part of a Sephora Favorites set that was such a good value, I could not resist.

This is actually the very first Vice lipstick that I have tried. I can see how the collection is quite overwhelming. So many colors and finishes to choose from! 714 made a pretty good impression on me. I understand that it's supposed to be a very matte shade and it does stand true to that. I don't actually have any issues with it. Application is pretty good that I can even get it to look decent without any help from lip liner or a brush, just straight from the tube. That doesn't always happen with reds. I didn't find it to be drying or overly staining. It lasted a decent amount of time without looking patchy. Overall, for the price point, it has proven a decent value.

I am now actually pretty excited to give my palette a try, so I can sample more colors and finishes from the Vice line. The Junkie Vice Lipstick Palette, by the way, has gone down in price to $25. I purchased mine from Ulta at the initial release price of $35. I don't know if the price drop is temporary, and they will raise it to $35 again after the holidays, or if it's going to remain at $25 until stocks run out. Sephora sells one version of it but I preferred the color selection of the one at Ulta. There are at least a couple of shades common to the two versions, 714 being one of them.

I'm done with my Christmas shopping and I really do have enough new lipstick to last me a few years decades but it is incredibly tempting to grab one or two more of the palettes while Ulta is offering a 20% discount. I believe it applies to everything, including Urban Decay, which is normally excluded from coupons. I'm more about the variety than the number of ounces of product I'll be getting and I really like how sturdy the palette seems. I can see myself refilling the palette, should I ever finish up the lipstick in it. Definitely something to check out, if you haven't yet.