Thursday, January 18, 2018

Bargain Beauty x Target Part III (Soap & Glory, No7, L'Oreal, Revlon)

As promised, the final installment in our Target Beauty Clearance feature. I thought I'd jump to the aisle where UK brands Soap & Glory and No7 reside. As a bonus, I'll also have swatches of some L'Oreal single eyeshadows and Revlon Cream Eye Shadows for you as some of these items have gone down in price. I'll start at Soap & Glory.

If you recall, in September last year, I featured some Soap & Glory SEXY Mother Pucker lipsticks in this post (click here). Well, the entire lot seems to be on clearance now at every Target I've been to. For my picks, just click the link above. There are other items from the brand that are marked down but the only one I have to show you is the pressed powder.

I thought I could use a powder that leaned yellow so I grabbed this one. I was trying to replace a lovely loose powder by T Le Clerc that I had years ago, before I moved to the US, and of course, this brand is nowhere to be found here. But if you're looking for a yellow-looking powder (in truth, it's supposed to be translucent), you could maybe give this a look. Of the two they had in the store, the other one had been opened and the pan had fallen out of it but the one I got still had the seal intact so that's the kind of thing you need to watch out for. Same goes for the lipsticks.

Next to Soap & Glory, you may find No7 products. There are skincare items like toners and facial cleansers marked down. Some stores may have makeup too. I found these lovely stick eyeshadows and picked through them because it didn't look like they were sealed at all. Over half the items on the shelf looked like they'd been opened and swiped or the tips were broken etc. The only ones I got were the ones that I was convinced were untouched. I really only love one of them, Velvet Truffle. If I could find Cool Mink and Pink Pearl, I think they would be lovely but the other two that I have aren't bad at all. They're quite long-lasting. They also dry down very quickly so blending time is quite limited.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Target Beauty Section Clearance (Maybelline, COVERGIRL, Neutrogena and more)

I said yesterday that I'd break up the Target clearance post into several parts so here's part two. In this post, I'll cover some of the items that I've spotted on clearance from the usual drugstore brands like Maybelline, COVERGIRL and Neutrogena. My favorite find of this bunch are the Maybelline colorsensational Shaping Lip Liners.

I love a good lip liner, especially twist up ones and these have got color! I feel bad that it's gotten very poor reviews because my experience with them has been really good. I find them comparable to my Revlon mainstays but with more color options. I'll offer a few tips to prevent the issues that many people are having with these. First, don't twist up too much. Second, apply at an angle, with the pencil on its side but with light to medium pressure. Third, warm up the tip a little before use. I just apply a few short strokes on the back of the hand and that gets the color going and gets the tip to a point without having to use the included sharpener. Purely Nude and Palest Pink get my top votes!

Some Maybelline palettes are also on clearance. I've seen some of the large 12 color palettes with those yellow stickers, and some quads. Most noteworthy from this bunch are the City Mini palettes, although only some shades are on sale. I'd like to do a dedicated post to these City Mini palettes *maybe* next week and show you some of the newer Maybelline palettes that are taking their place for spring. I've been using them and I think they're my top choice for drugstore eyeshadow now.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

SONIA KASHUK clearance picks (bonus: how to spot clearance at Target)

It's pretty easy to find clearance items at Target in January. At the toy section, they usually move the items into one or two aisles and all you have to do is stay in those aisles and look thru the stuff. When first marked down, 15% or 30% off, some items are kept right in the aisles where they originally were and as mark downs increase, they get moved to end caps or into dedicated aisles. Past experience tells us, they could go down to 50% and then 70%. In the case of true holiday merchandise like Christmas decorations, they may even make down to 90% off. Most items, however, don't seem to make it past 50% before they disappear.

This year, we've noticed that Target has started using yellow clearance stickers instead of the old red orange ones. If you've never seen them before, this is what they look like.

In the beauty section, there have been a lot of mark downs over the recent week or two. These vary by store and some are also available online but the prices aren't consistent. Items marked down for clearance in my area may remain at full price in yours or may no longer be available so think of this as just a reference point of what may be available. In this post, I will focus on the SONIA KASHUK brand, sold exclusively by Target. Some of the items featured have been in my possession for a long time but as I am aware that certain stores have marked them down, I thought it would be good to show them as well. 

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Natural Beauty on Sale/Clearance at Target - Burt's Bees Lip Crayons

Happy New Year! Where to start? I have a couple of partially-written posts from last year that I could finish but I thought maybe it's better to start fresh. I've just been to Target with my girls and with a promise to hit the toy section immediately after, I managed to sneak a little trip down the beauty aisles. I spied some Burt's Bees products on clearance so I grabbed a couple o' things. I've had this one Lip Crayon for at least a couple of years now, in the shade Hawaiian Smolder so I bought a sister for it, Redwood Forest. Noticing a buy one get one 25% off (applies to most items in the "natural beauty" aisle and online), I was convinced to grab one of the lipsticks too. I've never tried and my daughter liked the way the tube looked so I told her we will get one. I got shade 511 Magenta Rush. I've just come home with it today so I haven't used but as a one off, for under $5, why not? So far, I'm liking the swatch, and with the promise of comforting moisture, I'm totally sold.

For the new year, as a way to curb my spending, I've resolved to limit beauty purchases to a max of four items a month. Which means, in part, no more buying five shades of some new product that I've never tried. Actually, I'm not sure I've ever done that. Usually I buy maybe two or three but over time, I tend to collect things and they in turn collect dust once the next new thing comes around. So we're not having that anymore!

But for anyone clearance shopping, I've compiled my tiny collection of Burt's Bees Lip Crayons into this one post. The regular matte lip crayons I have in Hawaiian Smolder and Redwood Forest. I have alongside it the lipstick that I just got, in Magenta Rush.