Thursday, November 16, 2017

Sephora Collection Bronzing Face Powder in Los Cabos and Anguilla

One of my impulse purchases at Sephora when the store near me moved to their new location (it's bigger, brighter, better! Really, it looks great... ) was a Sephora brand bronzer. When I browsed the display, I thought, wow, people are really buying this up and I think they only had one or two shades left in stock. I was seriously considering buying a Too Faced Chocolate Soleil bronzer at the time but was worried that Chocolate (the one used on my makeover) was too dark. In that "I want something lighter" mode, I picked up Anguilla.

Upon opening the product at home, I started to wonder if I had made the wrong choice. While I appreciate that Anguilla was matte, it was also a bit reddish (read: slightly orangey) and doesn't really work out too well for the purpose that I got it for. Upon reading review after review, it seemed that what I needed to get was Los Cabos. So I waited for it come back in stock and bought one.

At the store, I took the tester over to the Too Faced display and realized that Los Cabos was actually closer to Milk Chocolate than Chocolate so it was definitely a step in the right direction. After the first use, I was in love. This is the bronzer I use everyday now. It just works. It looks right no matter what look I'm going for. My goal with everyday bronzer is really just to add dimension back to the face after applying foundation. You could call it "contouring lite" if you will. When applying, I start at the very edge of the cheekbone moving in, then I go up and put a little bit on the temples, back down the cheeks again and finally down to the jawline. I still follow that kind of 3 formation that I learned with Guerlain Terracotta but I use the MARC JACOBS bronzer brush. Los Cabos applied with a super soft, fluffy brush gives that diffused bronzing that I really need.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Make Up For Ever Artist Shadows - Weekly Wow! (Plus Sephora Colorful Eyeshadows on sale)

Sephora's Beauty Insider discount is on right now until the 15th. Rouge (code: 20forRouge) and VIB (code: 20forVIB) get 20% off and regular Beauty Insiders now get 15% off (code: Insider15). Sephora is also still running their Weekly Wow promotion and I just noticed that they added the Make Up For Ever Artist Palettes to it. This started last Thursday, I assume, so some of them may no longer be available. They were normally $44 apiece and they've been on sale for $25 but with the Weekly Wow, they are $22 each! I admit, I went into Pokemon mode with these (gotta catch 'em all!) but I collected them over a period of time as opposed to buying them all at once. Imagine, at $22, with an additional discount, it's not even $20 for each palette.

The box says these four are all made in Italy. Confession: I haven't used any of them. There's just a bunch of other things I wanted to use first and eyeshadow is one of those things that I use up quite slowly. As I said, I was collecting them. But I am looking forward to using them soon. For swatches and reviews, I find Temptalia is the best option and she has reviews for all of them. I have the link to Temptalia on the right side bar. Just put in a search for MUFE artist shadows and all four should come up. By the way, if it looks like some colors are duplicated, that is true. There are common colors among some of the palettes.

Another Look at the MUFE Artist Shadows
Top L-R: Artistic 2, Florals 3
Bottom L-R: Nudes 1, Mattes 4

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Pat McGrath Labs LuxeTrance Lipsticks + Permagel Ultra Glide Eye Pencil (Blitz Brown)

Last night I was writing a quick post for my other blog, a very personal recipe/food blog that I recently started in lieu of the family recipe book that I was originally planning to write/compile for future generations. It's just me rambling about why I thought to prepare something that day, with a few pictures and then ending with a recipe. Because it's linked to the same account as this blog, I accidentally wrote the post and published it here in Pondering Beauty! It took a couple of minutes to revert it to draft and get it off the site and then moved to the correct place. But in case you got "Easy Bread Pudding" in your inbox, well now you know why :) As I said, it wasn't designed to be a public blog really, but I'm happy to share with anyone who wants a recipe. Just go to Pondering Food.

They just unveiled the Pat McGrath Labs display at my local Sephora so I tried on a few lipsticks and lip liners. My husband gave me some Sephora gift cards so I decided to buy the plum-colored Sorry Not Sorry. I was initially trying to find something pink and eyed Profumo but it seemed a waste to get a light color when the formula was so decadently rich. I chose between Sorry Not Sorry and Beautiful Creature, putting one on the top lip and the other on the bottom. In store lighting, they were quite similar but the plum tones in Sorry Not Sorry were ultimately more flattering. I went back for a neutral color a few days later and got Realness, which goes into my nude favorites rotation for fall.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Lip Primers

Do you ever use a lip primer? As a kid, I remember putting Vaseline on my lips every night and I even used Vaseline as waterproof eye makeup remover (mostly to get off mascara) in my teens. The Vaseline phase eventually morphed into a lip balm obsession (at which point I could afford some proper eye makeup remover LOL). I crossed another threshold altogether when I turned 40. This was when I finally tried By Terry Baume de Rose and also the year that I noticed lipstick sliding down the sides of my lips and building up at the corners. It just made me think that perhaps $60 lip balm isn't the answer to all of my lip woes.

In search of the solution to my problem, I decided to tackle other things lip-related as well. What do I do when a lipstick I like is too drying to wear constantly? How do I make a moisturizing lipstick that I love last longer? How do I keep my lips from cracking and peeling and what do I do when they are and I still want to wear lip color? With lip care foremost in my mind, I went in search of specialized lip products and went nutty trying them all! Lip scrubs, lip oils and lip primers made it into my shopping cart. I was lucky to score samples in some categories and find multi-use products along the way. I'll start by telling you about the more notable lip primers that I tried.

I started with the first thing I could find at the department store. I went all out and bought myself a tube of Guerlain Liplift. The Guerlain associate at Nordstrom assured me that it was the best lip primer in the business. With the price tag to match, I thought. My lips weren't in bad shape that night. The only problem I had was that the new bite Beauty lipstick that I had been using kept slipping down to the corners of my mouth after a couple of hours. So I put on one coat of the Guerlain Liplift Lip Primer and waited a minute before I applied my lipstick. The first thing I noticed was a definite change in the color of my lipstick. Because Liplift adds a concealer-colored coat over my lips, my lovely rose-colored lipstick looked more pink and less brown when I put it on. This annoyed me a little but if it was going to solve my problem, I would live with it. Unfortunately, the problem continued. The situation was slightly better as the lipstick slipped less and the slipping started a little later. Still, at $37 a pop, I was hoping to say my search was over. To be fair, it seemed to live up to what most people would grab a lip primer for. It smoothed out the lips and made lipstick application very smooth. I think it was also mildly moisturizing. But I'll be the first to say, I don't think it's a substitute for lip balm. It's just not something I would wear on its own.