Monday, February 12, 2018

Chanel Blush Duo Tweed Effect in 130 Tweed Evanescent

It's come to a point where I guess I kind of don't need new makeup frequently. *Gasp* Well, it doesn't truly stop me from buying new things but I'd like to think I'm a lot more discerning about it this year than ever before. Cream and liquid products and anything with sunscreen, these are things that need to be replaced more frequently but other than those, I guess I'm mostly sticking to things that I've learned to collect over the years. Like Chanel Tweed Blush...

A new collection from Chanel popped up online recently. I had just started to see the eyeshadow palette and eyeliners from the Spring-Summer 2018 (Neapolis: New City) collection at counters (I got one eyeliner but not sure how much I "need" the eyeshadow palette) when suddenly this tweed blush turned up on the website. It's from the Dernières Neiges de Chanel collection which I honestly think should have come out first. But it's one of those minor, in-between collections, that I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't even show up at regular retailers. There are some pretty things in the collection, a smattering of pastel pinks and greens, anchored by basic brown but it's so hard to make decisions based on pictures. Makeup needs to be seen, touched and worn. I just stuck to what I know and I know I love Tweed Blush.

I'm starting to get a grasp on Lucia Pica's aesthetic now and I guess hiring her was also part of this movement to get to the younger customers. Her love for color has been evident, and in the spring-summer collection, her roots revealed. Many of her campaigns feature heavy eyeliner and red lips, both looks that I don't go for frequently. I appreciate the emphasis on skin but I guess a lot of things didn't appeal to me because it's just not the way I generally wear my makeup. Or maybe I'm old! Ha! But I have to admit, Peter Philips hasn't really done mind-blowing things at Dior. I'm just glad that by bringing out another Tweed Blush, Chanel hasn't forgotten their old customers and how much we adore the tweeds. I was worried that this was going to be heavily shimmered because of the name but when it arrived, I was pleased to note that it was a shade of pink that I can actually see myself getting a lot of use out of. And it doesn't apply as highly pigmented as Tweed Cherry Blossom either. The shimmer seems to be overspray and once I'd gotten it off, I was left with a less multi-textured color. It's pink all the way. This, with the KissKiss LoveLove in Pink by Guerlain, I think I've got a soft and sweet Valentine's Day look waiting for me.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Guerlain Rouge G for Chinese New Year 2018 and KissKiss LoveLove in Pink

I'm going to do a Guerlain double feature today. I have for you the Rouge G de Guerlain in Garçonne in the special Chinese New Year (Year of the Dog) packaging and the new KissKiss on the block for spring called KissKiss LoveLove in the shade Pink.

Let's start with the Rouge G. After a bit of research as to what Guerlain's Lunar New Year offering was this year, two items popped up: the Abeille Royale Watery Oil and this Rouge G in Garçonne. Both come in special limited edition packaging although neither are new products. I don't have the oil but I was able to purchase the lipstick online from Saks.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Mascara Quicknotes VII: Waterproof Mascara (Drugstore)

I'd wear waterproof mascara pretty much the entire year if I didn't get lured away from the practice by the occasional sample or a new product. When I use a non-waterproof formula, I like to use a waterproofer like Clarins Double Fix. But like with a mascara base/primer, I'm not always keen on the extra steps.

I have certain favorite mascaras whose waterproof versions are admittedly, terrible, so I'm always on the lookout for something new. At the drugstore, Bed Bath and Beyond or your nearest Target, there are many waterproof options. Here are the ones that I've tried:

First I want to talk about the L'Oreal Waterproof Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara in 395. I've had to buy this tube a few times over because I wasn't getting a consistent experience. My experience with the first tube: I felt that it was a very heavy formula that was prone to clumping and smudging. I hated it and couldn't wait to throw out the tube. But this new tube I got over the summer is completely different, exactly the opposite even. When I first opened it, I applied it to my lashes and it looked like I barely applied anything! Even with two or three coats, I wasn't seeing much on my lashes. It didn't smudge or give me raccoon eyes either but what gives?

As the tube got older, it looked like I started to get a little more product on the brush whenever I took it out. Later, I figured that maybe this is one that I need to pump and that actually did the trick. In the past, I would refrain from pumping because I learned from somewhere that all that does is get lots of air into the tube which in turn will make the tube dry out faster. But with this mascara, that fixed my problem. With the name, I expected something extremely black but you know what? It still didn't give me a super black tint or the volume that I craved. It's nicely waterproof, no complaints. But used by itself, it was just... incomplete.

Since Voluminous Carbon Black didn't give me everything I wanted, I thought to go back to the L'Oreal aisle and find something else. L'Oreal Lash Paradise is one of the newer mascaras of this lot and I've read some really great reviews of the product. I mentioned that I took a tube with me to Florida on my last vacation and I used it without any problems. It goes on a little thicker although the brush style isn't a favorite because it tends to miss the middle part of my lashes. I have to go over those areas several times, which I would prefer to avoid doing because then I end up getting too much product in other areas. I solve this issue by using another mascara with a tapered wand immediately after I apply Lash Paradise. One thing I have to note with this mascara is that whenever I used it by itself, I get a little smudging. I like it but there's that issue.

Maybelline Lash Stiletto Waterproof is my favorite of the bunch. It's the most reliable one. It doesn't smudge on me, ever. It doesn't clump or ever apply too heavily. On most days, I require volume and length so it's nice to use this mascara in conjunction with a mascara base or another mascara that's a little volumizing. But this has to be the last step because it's the most smudge-resistant and the brush can banish any product build-up and clumping from any previous mascara used. By itself, the effect is not so noticeable because it mainly just adds a little length and tints my lashes but if you have the fringe already going for you, this could be enough. I don't know what I was thinking by not getting something very black but I've had this tube for a long time and I find that these have a really good shelf-life compared to some other mascara products.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Bargain Beauty x Target Part III (Soap & Glory, No7, L'Oreal, Revlon)

As promised, the final installment in our Target Beauty Clearance feature. I thought I'd jump to the aisle where UK brands Soap & Glory and No7 reside. As a bonus, I'll also have swatches of some L'Oreal single eyeshadows and Revlon Cream Eye Shadows for you as some of these items have gone down in price. I'll start at Soap & Glory.

If you recall, in September last year, I featured some Soap & Glory SEXY Mother Pucker lipsticks in this post (click here). Well, the entire lot seems to be on clearance now at every Target I've been to. For my picks, just click the link above. There are other items from the brand that are marked down but the only one I have to show you is the pressed powder.

I thought I could use a powder that leaned yellow so I grabbed this one. I was trying to replace a lovely loose powder by T Le Clerc that I had years ago, before I moved to the US, and of course, this brand is nowhere to be found here. But if you're looking for a yellow-looking powder (in truth, it's supposed to be translucent), you could maybe give this a look. Of the two they had in the store, the other one had been opened and the pan had fallen out of it but the one I got still had the seal intact so that's the kind of thing you need to watch out for. Same goes for the lipsticks.

Next to Soap & Glory, you may find No7 products. There are skincare items like toners and facial cleansers marked down. Some stores may have makeup too. I found these lovely stick eyeshadows and picked through them because it didn't look like they were sealed at all. Over half the items on the shelf looked like they'd been opened and swiped or the tips were broken etc. The only ones I got were the ones that I was convinced were untouched. I really only love one of them, Velvet Truffle. If I could find Cool Mink and Pink Pearl, I think they would be lovely but the other two that I have aren't bad at all. They're quite long-lasting. They also dry down very quickly so blending time is quite limited.